Why Use Green Electric ?

Green electricity is a wonderful alternative to conventional electric companies. Green electricity is generated through renewable sources, such as solar energy, thermal energy, geothermal energy and wind power. While it does take some energy to manufacture energy this way, the energy that they generate quickly and significantly surpasses the impacts of manufacturing them.

Green electric can be found in many places. If you are interested, it is possible and very easy to generate your own electrical (or photovoltaic) energy. Harnessing your own photovoltaic energy using solar panels will quickly and easily generate enough energy to completely offset your energy bills, with enough left over to save for a rainy day or to sell back to the energy company. This saves you money, generates money and decreases your conventional electricity consumption.

If you plan to use green electric, you should also make other cutbacks around your house. These small changes will significantly cut back on your general energy consumption, and can quickly and easily make a big change to the environment. Your energy bill will also decrease immensely.

There are two areas on which you can focus when trying to consume energy more responsibly. EnviroCitizen.org has detailed these for you below !

Awareness for Limiting Use

Limiting your use does not mean that you have to walk around in the dark. You simply have to adjust your energy consumption habits. This means things like cutting back on the use of electrical devices in general, especially those that draw a large amount of energy. After taking a fast tour of your house you should be able to know where you can begin to cut back. Simply ask yourself a few questions :

What items use electricity in this room ?
What items am I actually using right now ?
If I leave the room what can I turn off ?
What items still need to be on in the rooms when I leave ?

It may take awareness and self-discipline to be as energy efficient as possible, but even the smallest savings can add up!

2 :  Wiser Use of Appliances

Home appliances draw the largest amount of electricity in your home. It isn’t always the number of appliances you have that increases your usage and cost, but how you use them. Wiser usage can make a big difference !

Wait for a full load before using your washing machine.
Set your thermostat at the minimum low or high setting; just enough to make the inside temperature comfortable.
Switch off the monitor when you leave your computer; it only takes a second to turn it on.
Unplug any unnecessary appliances while on vacation and turn all necessary ones to the lowest possible setting they can remain at.

Green electric practices are practical, economical and earth-friendly. EnviroCitizens.org has many green electric products to help you achieve lower energy consumption!


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