Who Are More Prone To Be Victims Of Cyber Bullying?

There are different ways to lead a life. Some live it in routine fashion; others tend to be flamboyant. The latter types often go beyond the border and take risks in every section of life. This is also the case in online world.

Some people use Internet properly and discreetly. Others fumble into uncharted waters and start befriending people from all corners without once judging nature of these men. They then open themselves to attacks from ever-present cyber bullies. These people make innumerable ids and become a member on different sites, inadvertently sharing their secrets with a wide number of men. This is particularly applicable to social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Resurrection from Cyber Bullying

If you are the latter type, and have made such serious mistakes, it is high time you get to resurrecting phase. Change your id and profile on these sites. It is better not to post any of your photos on the new id, unless you are assured by the site’s privacy policies. Cut all your relations with those who have made informal connections with you through spams, offensive texts and explicit videos on YouTube. If possible, even change your mobile number.

Cyber bullies on getting your details and understanding your nature take comfort from the fact that you are impressionable. Your bodily defects and mental limitations would be made clear to you in certain terms. You will start making a useless view of yourself – an impression from which it is hard to recover. This can even lead into terrorist activities or indulging in pornography. Respect for your elders, even your parents, will vanish.

Your role as parents

Parents are deemed responsible if their children go on the wrong route. You should regularly scan of what your child is doing online. Prevent them from revealing bank account nos. and credit card passwords. You should also reflect upon your child his good habits and capacity. You should be ever encouraging them in their formative years and make sure they appreciate this gesture.

You may also get their online action surveyed by cyber bullying campaigns and step in when there is a problem. If someone is taking advantage of your child’s gullible nature, report to law enforcement authorities. Promote them into reading good books and following their hobbies.

You should also put restriction on their cell phone use. They shouldn’t become cell phone addicts. Prevent them from checking too many videos on YouTube. These initial steps will lead your child to become a responsible citizen later on. Good is good and bad is bad; there is no grey area.

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