What are Green Lasers

If you like green color, probably you will also love green lasers for all kinds of applications, could it be in business or for personal use. You may opt to buy them on website just like http://www.dinodirect.com/green-lasers/ the biggest online store for green lasers and all kinds of laser selections. But to be a smart buyer, you need to know certain things before deciding to buy this kind of laser.

First is you must determine the output needed for green lasers.

The natural green lasers can produce a light at a frequency of about 532 NM via 5 MW. They are the lasers used as laser pointer when you give a report at school or in doing a presentation. However due to the advance in technology there are green lasers with 20MW and the most powerful lasers are those that reach up to 500 MW diodes. Knowing the right kind of diodes for green lasers is important so that you can make use of it according to desired uses.

In what kind of activity will you be using a green laser?
Are you using the laser outdoor where the possibility of getting wet is high? What ever your purpose you should always think safety. In this case you need waterproof green lasers with a collimate lenses.

Consider also your budget.

Most of you there that are planning to buy green lasers have already a ready amount to purchase a laser. Your budget will depend on the amount of diodes present on the laser. Green lasers can be significantly cheaper for $ 15 and can be as high as $ 2000. But as we all know, the lesser the price the poorer is the quality. Having a good research on the kinds of green lasers is important. And also you do not need to buy expensive lasers if you will only use them in pointing out objects, just like in a presentation.

For a more visible light, lasers in green color are more visible that the red one. At day time they can be more visible also but more visible than night times. One green lasers of about 100 MW may reach up to 6000 feet visibly clearly. This is the reason why most astronomers use green lasers instead of other color of lasers.

Green lasers are basically powerful and very reasonable in price too. In fact if you compare 100 MW green lasers and 100 MW red lasers, the price is almost half. Green lasers are significantly lower in price, though they tend to be more powerful, like a thin plastic can be pierced by its light and it can absolutely damage the retina when the eye is exposed to its light. This is one thing that you should be cautious about when using green lasers.

Green lasers have a natural bright light beam; it is one of the reasons why most people choose green lasers compared to other colors of lasers. In fact they are more sought after than red lasers.

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