Top 5 Black Shoes This Autumn

Black shoes are classics that never seem to go out of style. The actual form of the shoe may change over time, but the colour remains classic to any wardrobe. Many women want to keep their black shoes up to date though. One of the hottest trends in fashion today is the thigh high boot. It is a look sported by celebrities and people walking down the street as well as the runway. A pair of black thigh-high boots looks good with a mini-skirt or over a pair of skinny jeans. You can add a shiny finish or stiletto heels for your own style.

Fur boots are another hot trend in black shoes. Fur is something that many women sport in the autumn and winter months. However, the days of the completely fur covered boot appears to be gone for now. Most designers have brought fur back as embellishments or as part of the shoe lining. This allows the wearer to look good without sporting the overdone fur coat on the foot look. For those that do not wear real fur, many designers offer faux fur that looks and feels much like the real thing. These versions come in black and are very affordable as well.

Loafers are something every woman needs in their collection of black shoes. They look good with office wear and jeans alike. They also work for girls and women of many ages and styles. The runway look this autumn brings embellishments out. A classic black loafer with a bow or piping in a contrasting colour makes a classic fashion statement without overdoing it. It provides an understated look that will remain in style for many years to come.

A womans collection of black shoes would not be complete without high heels. Moreover, women have several options this year. They can go with a classic black pump in matte satin or shiny leather. They also can jack it up a few centimetres by wearing a platform model that adds up to 15 cm to their height. This autumn many designers put booties on their models in black with an open toe. Booties are excellent ways to get a boot look without going too far up the leg. The open toe makes them good options for eveningwear. There are just a few of the black shoe options on the designer market today. Take the time and look around to find the right foot wear for you.

Rory Hamilton is a football equipment expert who is currently researching what’s fashionable in black shoes.

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