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This is a university in the eastern United States the last day of final examinations.
MBT Sini The steps of the teaching building, a group of engineering students in higher grades huddled a group, are discussing the exam to begin in a few minutes, their faces full of confidence. This is their graduation ceremony and work out before the last test.

Some people find talking about their work now; others will be talking about their work. After four years of university study with the confidence gained, they feel ready and able to conquer the world.

They know that this upcoming test will end soon because the professors said that they can take them to bring any books or notes. Requires only one, that is, when they can not whisper in the test.

They happily burst into the classroom. Professor of the papers distributed. When students comment that only five types of problems, smile more expanded.

Three hours later, the professor began to collect the papers.
MBT Tembea tudents no longer looked confident, they face an expression of fear. No one spoke, Professor of papers in hand, facing the entire class.

He overlooks the front of the face that worried faces, and then asked: “subject to complete five the number of people?”

Did not lift a hand.

“There are four questions to complete the number?”

Still no hands.

“Three questions? Two questions?”

Students begin to feel uneasy, twisting in his seat.

“That’s a question? Of course some people to complete a theme.”

But the whole room is still silent. The professor put down papers, “This is what I expect results.” He said.

“I just want to give you leave a deep impression,
MBT Shuguli even if you have completed four years of engineering study on this subject there are still many things that you do not know. You can not answer these questions is the day associated with ordinary life practice. “Then he smiled and added:” Through this course you will, but remember – if you have been university graduates, and your education is still only the beginning. “

Over time, the professor’s name has been forgotten,
MBT Tataga but he taught the lesson has not been forgotten.

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