‘Tis the season…for webOS apps

Depending on whether you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person or more of the glass-half-full type, you’re either relieved that you survived Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and (if you can think back that far) Thanksgiving, or you’re looking forward to the next month with a twinkle in your eye. Whether you think of the holiday season as a time for revelry, agony, or strategy, the webOS app elves are here with a few webOS apps to help you out:

Dealert Paul: With the gift-giving shopping season in full swing, are you on the prowl for a great holiday deal? Or know what you want and just need the best price? Dealert can do the hunting for you. Tell it what you’re looking for, and it aggregates searches across various websites (think FatWallet.com, Newegg.com, Woot.com) for the best prices. The app runs in the background, periodically checking for deals (for as many days as you want) and alerting you when it finds one. Another good choice for bargain hunters: Amazon Deals. If Amazon.com gets your shopping juices flowing, this app is for you. See the latest Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Gold Box Deals, Bestsellers and Hot New Releases.

FlightView Noelle: Is travel in the cards for you? FlightView gives you real-time flight information to track upcoming and in-air flights. Get notifications when a flight changes status. FlightTrack covers over 1,400 airlines and more than 4,000 airports worldwide with real-time updates of the latest gate numbers, delays and cancellations. TripAdvisor has more than 30 million reviews including hotel reviews with rates, restaurants near you, or things to do. You can get phone numbers, addresses and directions and then write reviews from your phone.

Jon: Don’t let unexpected snowstorms ground your holiday plans (or unexpected heat waves thaw your ski escape). Keep weatherIcon in your launch bar, and you’ll have always have a current mini-forecast in view. For a more detailed snapshot of what mother nature has in store for you, try The Weather Channel app.

Justin: Had a little too much turkey (or tofurkey) last week? Ideal Weight is a handy little app that calculates both your ideal weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s free in the Palm App Catalog.

SmartRunner When you’re ready to get started, SmartRunner can help keep track of your walks, runs and hikes. It’s got built-in GPS integration and comes in both free and premium (paid) versions.

If you’d like to extend your workout to the gym, WorkOut Tracker can track your exercises, reps and weights. It’ll even suggest new exercises with a simple shake, and comes in both free and paid versions.

From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, iStayFit can help you manage and track up to 245 different exercises. Just $ 4.99 in the Palm App Catalog.

Natalie: You just had a plethora of fixin’s for that ever-so gluttonous meal on Thanksgiving day. Inevitably you end up with a few meal’s worth of leftovers plus the ingredients you thought you needed but didn’t end up using (thanks, sis, for “surprising” us with that potato side). So you open the fridge on Friday evening when you’re ready to eat again and think, really? Thanksgiving all over again? What’s for dinner With the What’s for dinner? app, you can easily perform a search for new recipes that includes sites like Epicurious, Food Network, Food & Wine and Weight Watchers by simply typing in the ingredients you already have. “Turkey potato zucchini” pulls up recipes like Turkey Tonnato, Tex Mex turkey meatloaf, turkey hash and 21 other recipes. Who’d have thought that turkey could go so far and in so many different ways? No need to bust out the computer, just type and start cooking. You may even run across a recipe you’d love to try but don’t have all the ingredients for, like Turkey Stew with Fried Oysters, and with a simple tap you can add the ingredients to a categorized shopping checklist. It’s just $ 4.99 in the App Catalog but worth so much more in time and money (leftovers) saved that our friends at webOSroundup rated it a top pick.

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