Time to go green

It’s not healthy to remain in a place where it is polluted, unclean and could risk your quality of life. This can be now apparent not only as we stepped outside on our own house, but also within our place of work too.

Green is the new black. For corporate executives, heading green, if not mainstream is more commonplace now than ever before prior to. As much more and more companies, whether or not retail giants or expense companies leap towards the green bandwagon and pledge tangible modifications, the social consciousness also translates to a much more tangible business case-greener bucks.

Market watchers say that the strategies applied by many of the leading edge employers are meant to mitigate risk and maximise profit. Initiatives such as advertising solar power or reducing gas emission indirectly indicates cost savings in energy reductions, increased market share from much more aggressive goods and over all, managing the danger associated with dependence on fuels.

Ascendas, for example, began by retrofitting its air conditioning program at his headquarters in Singapore. By converting the air-cooling system to a water-cooling system, it saved as much as 5000 megawatt hours of electrical energy for each yr. In terms of return on expense, with the expense of S$ 3.5 million, the company successfully managed to conserve S$ 1 million a yr in electricity consumption.

A great number of organisations have begun to create green teams and green committees within their corporate structure and are addressing issues like minimising waste and making the office area green. Easy initiatives like reducing down on paper printing and workplace power usage have translated to substantial price savings.

DuPont, for example, once considered one among America’s worst polluters roughly estimates that its saving from significantly reducing carbon emission for almost two decades has arrived at a significant US$ 3 billion. It’s not surprising the company is constantly pushing for even more cuts.

Also, the growing need to get a program dubbed “cap and trade” wherein companies that beat emission targets can market pollution credits to much more egregious polluters who don’t meet the requirements, is forcing many organisations to sit up and take be aware.

So if saving the earth’s power isn’t on your business agenda as yet, it’s time to move rapidly and reduce power use and ramp up the corporate green culture.
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