This Energy Called Green

So what is all the hype about this energy that is called green? A simple way to describe “green energy” is energy that is environmentally friendly sources of power and energy known as renewable and also pollution free. This is what people are talking about when they describe in clean, green energy that helps to reduce energy cost and use.

Green energy has been with us for centuries but until recently have you seen such a push, and a greater demand as people become more aware of our planet and the continuing depleting resources.

Even with our automobiles, there is a sudden go ahead demand for cleaner emissions, leaning more towards hydrogen and electric models. Hydrogen powered vehicles have been proven to increase the miles per gallon and reduce emissions. As technology becomes greener leaning towards solar, water, and wind we can realize the day is coming to end energy production as we now know it.

Just imagine a stand alone home, powered by energy from the sun, assisted by wind energy for back up with little or no maintenance. You get into your car powered by water alone and go to the shopping mall noticing no pollutants from the cars next to you. These homes can now be constructed with all the latest green energy innovations. This is not science fiction, this is the 21rst century.

Hardly a day goes by that you do not hear about energy, either the rising cost or how we can save money going green. It’s in the newscast, newspaper, and even the Internet you can find thousands of articles and websites dedicated to this seemingly new technology. How can we use this fairly new energy to reduce are global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, and so on and so on?

We need to keep in touch with are government representatives to see what incentives are available for installation of green energy for our homes. Most people do not even realize that there are tax benefits for going green. In my state they offer energy credits for solar, wind, and solar hot water heater installation.

If every one of us could do just a little to support green energy, just think how much we can help reduce are already over loaded power grids. The biggest beneficiary would be helping reduce pollution and saving the planet and the natural resources. Even homes that are older can benefit from green energy, because any reduction in energy consumption will help everyone save money and help our environment.

Jerry Standefer is a successful renewable energy marketer who has helped many people solve renewable energy needs for their homes. He shows people how they can save money by installing their own solar, wind, or solar hot water heater system. Find out how you can save money on your energy cost today. Visit Earth Power Energy Systems today! Sign up to receive are free energy guide.

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