The Strapless Black Evening Dress

A girl needs to have a black strapless evening dress in their closet. This kind of dress can be used in different occasions for many years. Aside from the fact that a strapless dress is sexy, black is never out of style. Ladies wear this dress mostly in events like Prom or when they attend a formal social gathering. You can never go wrong with a black dress.

Let us take a look at different styles of strapless black evening dresses from the collection of Sung Boutique Los Angeles. It is an online fashion boutique based in Torrance, California. Sung Boutique carries a large selection of full-length evening dresses, party dresses and cocktail dresses. Dresses come in a variety of prints, fabrics, colors and styles to fit any body shape and any budget.

Sung Boutique specializes in high-quality, affordable evening wear for women. The company is proud to offer dresses for all occasions, including evening dresses, party dresses, satin and silk dresses, prom dresses, and little black dresses. To complete your party look, the boutique also offers accessories such as matching shawls, evening bags and bolero jackets.

The numerous styles of black dresses in this particular boutique would be a great addition to every woman’s wardrobe. These dresses are elegant and perfect for any special occasion. Most of these dresses are made of charmeus. A Charmeuse is a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, where the warp threads cross over three or more of the backing (weft) threads.

The front side of the fabric has a satin finish – lustrous and reflective – whereas the back has a dull finish. It can be made of silk, or a synthetic lookalike such as polyester. Silk charmeuse is more expensive and delicate, but is softer and a better insulator. Polyester charmeuse is cheaper and can often withstand machine washing, but it doesn’t breathe as well as silk. Charmeuse differs from plain satin in that charmeuse is softer and lighter in weight.

Here we have a Black Strapless Charmeuse Evening Gown Style#:800. This lovely strapless gown features simple neckline with wraps to a pleated, shirred side, so slimming above an A-line skirt. Nonadjustable tie with rhinestone brooch adorns the front. It is very elegant and sexy.

We also have a Black Beaded Evening Dress Style#:4838. This glamorous charmeus gown features sparkling beads and sequins detail the neckline and the drop waist. Open back finishes the elegant look.

Another example is Black Evening Dress Style#:5052. This elegant strapless evening dress features split-front design with sparkling tonal bead adorns the waist. A graceful floor-length silhouette simply adds sophistication.

There you have the examples of beautiful strapless black evening dresses that you can wear with comfort and style. Whether you are going to a Prom or to just an evening date with your loved one, you would know the perfect dress to wear for a perfect evening.

Find your next sexy strapless black dress and transform into a sophisticated women. The little black dress, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, and even prom dresses can make a great strapless black dress.

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