The Secret Ingredient in Green Tea

You have heard of the health benefits of green tea. But what is the secret ingredient that makes it so special?

According to modern researches, tea leaf contains more than 500 types of ingredients. Most are highly beneficial to your health.

These ingredients are excellent for regulating metabolism, protecting blood vessels and detoxifying your body. They also have the functions of:

and anti-inflammation

And what is the most important substance for the myriad of tea leaves efficacies?

Catechin – The secret ingredient

Catechin is a wholesome substance extracted from tea leaves rich in protein, amino acid, vitamins and minerals. Its vitamins content is also numerous, such as vitamin A and D.

Taking 1 gram catechin daily fulfills the basic requirement in your diet. These vitamins are indeed closely related to your longevity.

According to researches, catechin can effectively eliminate free radicals with strong anti-ageing, anti-radiation and anti-cancer properties.

About Green Tea

The popular green tea is a type of non-fermented tea leaf. It contains

soluble fiber
vitamin C
vitamin E
zinc and other minerals

Apart from reducing phlegm and thirst, green tea can also effectively

revives vitality 
strengthens the heart 
promotes better urination 
enhances immunity
reduces blood sugar level 
reduces blood pressure 
and prevents cancer

Red tea and green tea are made from the same type of tea leaves. Both differ from processing method with different efficacy and taste. The reason for green tea excellent efficacy is because it preserves a lot of catechin which has better beneficial functions for your body.

Scientific evidences of Catechin benefits

1) Protects the cells

Recent Kansas University research proved that EGCg content of catechin can protect your cells and DNA many times more effectively compared to other antioxidants such as vitamin E and C.

These researches utilized Ames testing method to determine catechin ability to protect DNA from oxidation. When Ames testing was imposed, EGCg is added to DNA and H2O2 is used to attack it.

The results showed that EGCg has strong antioxidant function with almost 68% DNA protecting ability, which is:

80 times better than vitamin C 
10 times better than vitamin E 
and 2 times better than red wine

2) Antioxidant

Recent scientific studies show that free radicals are the main culprit for many diseases. Your body produces a lot of harmful free radicals when you have improper diet, work pressure or pollution exposure.

These oxidation reactions may cause cancer, hardening of arteries, inflammation and ageing if not properly controlled. However, catechin is a very strong ingredient that can reduce oxidation reaction.

3) Suppresses nitrification

Nitrification reaction inside the body is also related to occurrence of cancers such as esophagus cancer and stomach cancer.

In vitro experiments have shown that green tea can suppress a series of nitrification. Experiments among animals also shown that green tea can suppress tumor of digestive tracts.

4) Suppresses carcinogens

Many cancer causing substances will be activated inside the cell via Cytochrome P450. However, catechin extract can suppress this reaction. The EGCg of catechin is especially excellent on this effect.

5) Suppresses Urokinase

Urokinase is a type of protein decomposing enzyme. Clinical experiment has discovered increased activity of this enzyme in different cancer patients. Urokinase has also been recognized as closely related to cancer cells metastasis (spreading).

Interestingly, research reports show that EGCg can suppress Urokinase, giving its anti-tumor function.

Other Green Tea Benefits

1) Promote skin beauty

Healthy skin is very important for enhancing your beauty. However, long term Sun exposure causes your skin to age earlier and form wrinkles.

Antioxidant substances in green tea such as EGCg and EGC effectively reduce the risk of skin collagen damage. Apart from that, EGCg and EGC can also make you look younger.

2) Strengthen the teeth

Modern medical researches have discovered that green tea is also excellent for teeth. The Japanese Ni-hon University researches have discovered that green tea extract can promote healthy teeth.

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