The Samsung S5200 Black Red Is An Affordable Slider Phone

Originally released in summer 2009, the Samsung S5200 proved to be a popular phone with a good deal of features for its price. A Red and Black version is available, adding aesthetic appeal to the range.


The phone’s dimensions are 104x49x10.9mm and it weighs just 97 grams. Its light weight and slim profile make it a joy to hole and use on the move. The 2.1 inch TFT screen displays its 16 million colours within a pixel set up of 240×320 ensuring good quality display of on screen images.


WAV and MP3 files can be set as ringtones, and polyphonics can be downloaded, allowing customisation of the ringtones. All of these functions work with vibration to alert users to incoming calls and text messages. A speakerphone is installed as standard which allows hands free communication, for example whilst driving.


1000 contacts can be stored in the internal phonebook in the S5200 Black Red, and this includes the handy photo call feature. 50 MB of internal storage is provided, so some data such as media files can be stored. The inclusion of a micro SD slot means that a memory card of up to 8 GB can be installed in order to create extra storage space.


As a means of connecting to its primary networks, EDGE and GPRS are provided, both in class 10 versions. Bluetooth v2.0 is provided allowing direct transfer of files and data between compatible handsets in the same vicinity. The list of connectivity options is finished off with USB v2.0, which allows users to hook the phone up to a PC in order to transfer media files and back up contact info etc.


The S5200 Black Red is equipped with a digital camera boasting 3.15 mega pixels (2048×1536 pixels) allowing users to take reasonably good quality photos. This includes an LED flash so low lighting conditions are no problem. The camera can also shoot video in QVGA quality as an alternative to taking stills.


Several different formats of media files are supported by the media player. Pre-installed and downloadable games along with a FM radio player add entertainment options to the list.


Business users will appreciate applications such as an organiser, document viewer (compatible with Office documents) and a voice memo recorder.


For its relatively low price, the Samsung S5200 Black Red offers a good deal of everyday functionality whilst appealing to a range of users thanks to its aesthetic styling.

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