the new nintendo wii in black

The new look of the Wii is a large part of its cold atractivo.El, elegant black console is approximately the same size as the previous version sits on one basis making it extremely easy on the eyes as well as a welcome addition to any sophisticated look entertainment center set silver black brillante.El gives the Wii attitude a bit more than his predecessor slightly cleaner cut and brilliant blue light disc slot makes more than one statement.

The exciting features

This latest model of the Wii contains all the standard features of Wii as well as some amazing new features that will have the joy of the console jugadores.La account with a semi-automatic Bay which is capable of reading and playing both 12 cm used alongside Nintendo GameCube discs for Wii optical disc media.There is a compartment for cards that can be used to extend the Wii’s internal memory SD flash and owners have the option available to equip a small attachment to playback movies and any other content of its greatest features DVD.Uno is that players will have access to 20 years of fan favorite titles for all older Nintendo systems in downloadable content.


New black console is equipped with 512 MB of internal memory, two USB 2.0 ports and wireless controllers and built in features Wi-Fi.En his heart, is a chip that has been developed in collaboration with IBM and is called “Broadway” code processing and chipset ATI graphics with code name “Hollywood” this all adds to the new console to be able to deliver games that were not previously possible experiences.


Accessories for the console included: a black Wii remote, a black Wii and a black Wii controller pro.


As well as the previous version and the GameCube titles be playable in this new console, there are also some titles in development for its lanzamiento.Nintendo has confirmed it will launch a series of new properties added to his successes already flourishing as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Metroid franchise.

Where to get it? what very well, so this new black Wii console sounds impressive damn where will get it of? soon will be available on Wii Shop along with all accessories and extras that the accompanying. definitely is launched as soon have check again to visit the Wii Shop so that you can pounce on it as soon as it arrives, because it is going to sell fast.

Since then, we provide information Wii unlock what happens with this new black nintendo wii? how we are able to unlock it! learn more about the release of the Nintendo Wii?

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