The Light And Streamlined Design Of The BlackBerry Curve 3G In Pink

When it comes to light and streamlined handset designs, BlackBerry has created a smartphone that perfectly fits the description. This can be seen in the BlackBerry Curve 3G in Pink. Not only do you get a phone that is easy to carry; you also get a phone in color that is distinctly for women.

When it comes to dimensions and weight, the Curve is lighter and more compact compare to other phones made by BlackBerry. The BB Bold is slightly bigger with a height of 109 mm, width of 60 mm, thickness of 14 mm, and weighing in at 122 grams. The BB Torch is also bigger and heavier. It has a height of 111 mm, width of 62 mm, thickness of 14.6 mm, and weighs in at 161 grams. The curve has a height of 109 mm, width of 60 mm, thickness of 13.9 mm, and weighs in at a mere 104 grams. This makes the phone easy to carry compare to other powerful smartphones in BB’s roster.

The phone’s lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to operate with just one hand. Navigation will truly be effortless. Another factor that makes this true is the presence of two input options on the BlackBerry Curve 3G in pink. The first obvious input option is the full QWERTY keyboard clearly visible on the front of the smartphone. This will make it easier for you to chat on IMs, respond to emails, and reply to SMS. The second option is a sensitive trackpad. This is the same technology you will find on your laptop. This will allow you to navigate through the phones functions with ease.

The Curve is not just about portability and looks. The phone is also about performance. Aside from the phone’s hardware, it comes with a dependable mobile platform BB users have grown to rely on. It runs on the BB 5 OS. You can also upgrade to the BlackBerry 6 OS whenever you see fit.

When it comes to a light and streamlined design plus functionality and performance, there is no other smartphone that comes close to this description like the BlackBerry Curve 3G in pink.


The BlackBerry Curve 3G Pink is another color variation of the BlackBerry Curve 3G.

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