The Gym Shoes Lost Who To Compensate?

January 8, the first named to the trend of holding Renown Health Club Fitness, Miss Fu Nike Air Max shoes lost in the gym. Negotiations with the staff after the gym, until yesterday, it still does not address. Miss Fu that is not worth a pair of shoes, but she wanted to find out this responsibility in the end is not the health club should be negative.

Changsha City Legal Aid Center of the Bureau of Justice lawyer, said Wang Jian, according to relevant laws, can Miss Fu find compensation for the club.

playback: the first exercise, shoes gone

24 December 2010 Miss Fu buy the site in a trend of holding Renown buy a health club fitness coupons. 7 pm on Saturday night, Miss Fu and two colleagues for the first time to the gym. Inside, the staff gave Miss Fu key to a temporary lockers.

It is done and clothes and bag later, Miss Fu lockers have been found to fit boots, they put boots on a shoe girl under the bathroom door. Miss Fu said at the time people are more shoe packed with shoes, the shoes she had to throw a pile of shoes in the shoe in the following.

At 9 pm, Kin Miss Fu finished out of the body but can not find my boots. Although the staff also find the bathroom with the woman over and over, can still missing. Miss Fu that the shoes are stolen in the gym, fitness club should be responsible for compensation.

Miss Fu hope, even if the Air Max 90 shoes brought back, the club must give an explanation, and the management in the future more attention.

Club: “We are not responsible”

“stated on the temporary lockers, valuables on the front desk management and, if lost, is not responsible for the club.” The day before yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to the trend of holding Renown Health Club, Club A manager surnamed Wu made the explanation on the matter. “Can not let go of things customers can register to the front desk.”

Manager Wu said the fitness of each member to have a temporary locker, cabinet indicating the valuables to their custody, Miss Fu shoes did not register to the front, there is no in accordance with the provisions of the shoes into the shoe, and is not in accordance with the provisions of her take good care of their property.

Lawyers say: The club must be held accountable

Miss Fu lost shoes in the fitness club should be responsible for the health club? Wang Jian said. The club stores in the form of notices to remove the property against Miss, personal acts of responsibility for security does not have legitimacy, no legal effect. Meanwhile, from the “Contract Law” point of understanding, Air Max 2009 shop notices, meaning the club unilateral, consumers do not have the contract binding. Miss Fu theft of property therefore, the club should take responsibility and compensation.

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