The Green Machines Have Landed

Doing your share to save the planet is already so much more than using an eco-shopper at the once-a-month Sunday farmers’ market. Currently, the race is on between motoring companies to produce the most eco-friendly car on the market, but crucially without compromising the perks of having the latest model. Gone are the days of the chunky yellow blob, awkwardly tied up to an electric plug half a mile away, and numbered too perhaps are those of the Prius, the first hybrid electric car built by Toyota. No longer must you sacrifice the style and comfort of your vehicle in order to be environmentally friendly, for a new generation of green cars has been born.

Canary Wharf-based company Green’n’Groovy calls this era the ‘Great Green Car Hire Revolution’. A bit of a mouthful certainly, but also true. Hiring out green cars for occasional and holiday use, Green’n’Groovy can provide the latest and most stylish designs, including the Mini Convertible and the Fiat Sport, but all with those important low CO2 emissions that set them well above their regular counterparts in the eco stakes. Daily rental rates range from £25 to £105, and customers can choose from the two-person smart car to the family-friendly BMW to suit their individual numbers, purpose or function. The concept of a green car that one enjoys driving is not difficult to grasp, yet this selection of vehicles finally provides a practical and real-life solution. Green’n’Groovy promises its customers a green car, yes, but also an equally ‘groovy’ one.

Take a step further still and discover the world’s first electric sports car, recently created by Venturi, a car company based in Monaco. Known as the Fétish, a first production line is available to 25 buyers at a price of €297,000, plus a four-month construction wait. The car is made entirely of carbon fibre, and its batteries have an astonishing life-cycle estimated at 2,000 cycles and more than ten years. However, arguably more impressive is the fact that the Fétish has managed to retain all the qualities and features of a regular sports car, despite being green and non-polluting. Sit back in style and see how even an electric car can provide acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in under five seconds, and the same thrill as a petrol polluting one. Take your pick. Indeed, with today’s choice and range, going green no longer means settling for second best.

S Boult

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