The Fashionable Black Onyx

We believe the black onyx never goes out of fashion. If you want a classic piece of jewelry that never goes out of style, you have to have an ensemble of it. One of the reasons which make it a classic is its color. Black is one of the neutral colors together with beige and gray. It is so easy to incorporate your black onyx jewelry with your wardrobe. It is also very flexible in its appeal. More and more men are also joining in the band wagon of using gems on their jewelry and most of them prefer black onyx rings.

In 2009, the trend in neckpieces was dramatic, bold, and decadent. It is still the trend this year however jewelers opt for richer and darker colors. Nothing can be darker than black onyx jewelry. This trend came about due to the change in climate that we we’re going to experience come fall and winter. This decline in temperature allows the wearer to use richer colors and not feel heavy and overbearing.

Onyx jewelry keeps coming up in fashion trends. We believe that these are usually just updated versions of the classic onyx. Even if trends do come and go, it’s not really a bad thing to follow them as long as you incorporate your unique style. You don’t have to buy everything instead work with what pieces you already have while taking into mind your lifestyle, budget, and personal style.

Be inspired by Russian folklore which is said to be the major theme of trends this year. Aside from being in congruent with the trend on richer, darker and bolder colors, this lends inspiration to the creating more ornate designs. The Russian folklore is very much rooted in superstitions which later become customs due to majority following it which later on influences the etiquette they prescribe. Is this also influencing us to invoke the mystical powers which are believed to be in these stones? That is farfetched however this folklore might have infiltrated the creative processes of the jeweler by having a more mystical approach to their design.

Black onyx rings design had gotten bolder. Most men are slowly getting comfortable with the idea of wearing a gem as part of their jewelry. Black onyx rings are the usual gem of choice. Safe and conservative are out. Dramatic and adventurous are in. Another big trend in the jewelry industry focuses on flexibility. Your black onyx jewelry should be wearable on a regular day in the office, and should be able to transform to an accent piece to your wardrobe when you go out to party after work. Our present economic situation has greatly contributed to this trend as more and more people are trying to cut down on their expenses.

It is also due to this that jewelers have gotten more creative in their design. A lot has incorporated a sophisticated look and yet the price is within the budget of their clients. It is the look for less. Affordability is not only the key but also value for money. If your jewelry can work well with five different looks and cost a little more expensive than one which you only can be worn with just one look, clients will go for the former.

Buy the staple, inexpensive, fashionable, and flexible onyx jewelry. Start with black onyx rings, a pair of earrings, watch or bangle and a necklace with an onyx pendant. Be fashionable and a smart shopper!

Black onyx rings come in a wide range of styles and shapes. Find Great Deals on Black Onyx Jewelry!

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