Suning Stores Expanded Store

Fired in Suning stores and Sharu Houjie two after the fashion


The first three newly opened officially expanded store-opening Cheung, King Square fashion to the total business area of up to more than 15,000 square meters, the 1-5 floor to Main

Home Appliances

And household products manufacturer with more than 300 alliance and win-win, trying to “Big Mac” Chang appliance stores dominate the market in one fell swoop. Fashion this very action, peer that “may be a smoke screen.”

Chang, “Big Mac” National welcoming shop

Electric Vice President who have made fashion told us about landing Chang’an fashion to General Manager Wang Square business area up to more than 15,000 square meters, a single store in South China’s largest home appliance stores. “At this stage, we have successfully signed a contract about to enter tight fitting stage.” To the king shop by trial is expected to open in September, and before and after the formal Kaimennake National Day, together with the original one shop and two stores, fashion to outshine others, to consolidate the leading home appliance industry in Dongguan status.

“According to our survey and forecast, Chang’s


Ability is almost comparable with the city. “With the industry’s many questions, who have made is not worried. He said that Chang had gathered around the square to the king of the world-class


Giant Wal-Mart, KFC,


So the main force of China Resources Vanguard domestic business, PNS


So have long entrenched here, the value of its landmark reflects to some extent the value of the city. “In Chang to open large stores over 10 years ago, we have plans.” He said.

Chang manufacturers optimistic about the market

It is understood that including




, Sony, Skyworth,


, Haier,


Including more than 300 leading home appliance manufacturer, has signed with the fashion king entered Chang-an to store strategic alliance agreement. Who have made that, with the upstream appliance manufacturers


Fashion is expected to ensure its absolute advantage in the field of home appliance sales, appliance manufacturers can also help fashion a strong


Platform and resources to enhance the ability to sell products and brand.

“We fashion presence Chang Wang Plaza, looking on land, because of its excellent location determines the location presents tremendous business opportunities.’s Strategic cooperation with style, will win both.” Matsushita Electric is responsible for the South China area , said in an interview.

The first use of “MALL” concept store operations

Addition to large scale, the Chang-an Wang Plaza to shop there any other special? Who have made that Changan shop adopted the “five star” operation, while the first attempt to run the appliance store concept MALL, financial appliance stores, fashion style, and leisure and tourism as a whole, the people come to town gossip


Electricity can also visit shops leisure.

For the fashion movement in Changan, Dongguan, and Suning

States United States

Head of different views.

Dongguan, said Su Ning, general manager of Wu Zhaokun

, Suning in China more than 10,000 square meters of 50 large stores are situated at prefectural level, the provincial capital cities and municipalities, to open such a big store in town can stay in business is still a question mark. “This is likely to smoke, in the township to operate appliances and


Are not so many types, how it can support full store? “

U.S. official said China, Dongguan, Dongguan China United States pay more attention to improving the quality of a single shop, after all, little town in Dongguan, spending power is relatively limited. “In the shop site, we have their own standards, the requirements to open big stores is even higher.”

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