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One of the main enemies of the hunter in the forest, no matter what you thought, not mosquitoes, and no predators, and dampness. In other words, it is necessary to have the clothes to and from the top do not get wet, and made it possible to evaporate moisture released the body. On the membrane tissues Gore-texili Deer-tex, created with laser technology, as well as sewn of them exceptionally comfortable costumes Deerhunterot Danish company F. Engel, we have told (see Today, therefore, pay attention to the literate selection of shoes. In the event that you have to slap on the moor, and surf the river, no rubber shoes are not enough. In our market you can find a very light and durable Dolce & Gabbana shoes – various styles and lengths, with different (including temperature) tabs.

For hiking shoes recommended firms Dolce & Gabbana shoes (made with the use of membrane tissue Sympo-tex, analog Gore-tex). High Burtz ankle securely, protecting it from dislocations. At the same time, the membrane provides maximum comfort and allows you to safely speed up the streams and move on slabozabolochennoy terrain without the risk of wet feet.

Pay attention to the soles of shoes purchased. Optimal for off-road conditions include the type of Vibram. Its design is such that when walking on uneven terrain outsole bends slightly and provides the necessary rigidity to the protection of the foot, but if the asphalt under my feet flat, bend it some more. Such multi-layered soles: (Dolce & Gabbana shoes) lower layer is sufficiently hard, but it almost does not slide and the next layer – antishock, soothing effect on the foot and provides the necessary degree of flexibility and the next layer is directly related characterizes the rest of the shoe sole, and Finally, waterproofing rim, which prevents the ingress of water into the site The totality of all this creates a truly reliable and functional shoe, which is worth the money that paid for it.

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