Stunning Black Wedge Shoes

One specific outfit that women wear to the office is the skirt suit. A skirt always looks best with a two inch or higher heel, but is still pretty with smaller heels. If, however, you love the look of a high heel, but hate the feel of a stiletto, you can go with a wedge shoe and have the best of both worlds. The wedge shoe is built to support the arch of the foot, a huge bonus when you have to be on your feet for much of the day.

You can also go with a black Seychelles Runway pump wedge or a Nine West Abe wedge. There’s also a good pair of Tahari Norway platform wedge shoes and a sleek little Demonia Bravo Gothic black women’s wedge shoes that has a sculpted heal. And Michael Kors has a womens Lipton Wedge Shoe in black that is great for winter with a pair of leggings.

Wedge shoes may come in various heel styles such as rubber, wood and cork and they compliment almost any outfit that you pair them with. For instance the black wedge sandal is considered basic and will definitely appear great with a formal suit or even jeans. On the other hand, if you opt for brighter shades such as yellow, red and purple, they are perfect for a sundress or skirt.

Wedge shoes are lovely for both formal and casual wear depending on the shoe. For a formal outfit, leather or satin are the best choices of fabrics. Heels should be covered leather to match the upper or shiny plastic. Rarely wood wedge heels can be worn with formal dresses. Wood heels, however, are perfect for casual shoes. If you wear a fancier shirt, such as silk or rayon, a more fancy type of wedge will be more appropriate. However, if you pair jeans, or pants, with a t-shirt, a casual leather or canvas shoe is a better fit.

The best styles for both work and dressy are patent leather shoes. Other styles are leather and satin wedges with heels at least an inch high. Higher heels look more professional and formal. The wedge gives the advantage of high heels without the disadvantages that come from a spike stiletto heel. Jeans and pants look particularly sassy and pretty when worn with a canvas wedge sandal or espadrilles. Espadrilles are a shoe with a canvas top and woven rope (juta rope) bottom. While not all are wedges, there are many various wedge Espadrilles, from open toed, to closed toe, wrap straps to slip on.

Another popular vintage color is blue. Blue is one of the rare colors that can be professional, classy, formal or casual. In the 50s, the lovely shade of royal blue was featured with reds and whites for the “sailor” effect. The stark contrasting colors made a huge impact on visual designs. Worn with a red dress with white petticoats, a navy blue shoe not only looks amazing, it has the essence of the 50s glamor girl styles.

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