Simple Green Cleaners Review

Simple Green have three ranges of Eco cleaning products. Recently they introduced and All Natural product range. Their original range of products is of non-toxic industrial strength cleaners. The development of this range was how the company started. Their standard green cleaners are an extension of this, and are widely used in households worldwide. But how green are the standard household Simple Green cleaners?

Firstly, all the products are non-toxic. Because the formulations are based on their industrial range they adhere to the same strict workplace health and safety regulations. This means they are proven non-toxic cleaners. They are all safe to use with pets at home and even children!

Secondly, the entire range has an army of faithful followers and happy repeat customers. This is because they use the same formulations to ensure their household range is just as powerful as their range for industrial use.

Thirdly, all the packaging is readily recyclable. They do use some recycled packaging but not enough at present to give them bonus green points for that. But, just like their industrial products, all the range are sold at very concentrated levels. Suggesting we dilute with up to thirty times as much water, this level of concentrated cleaning power is saving packaging and transportation costs left, right and center.

Another ‘Eco bonus’ is that this range has not been over complicated. So many ranges of cleaning products (Eco or otherwise) offer us so many options and variations we would need a truck to take home every item the manufacturers suggest we need. This company have kept things simple, there are only a few different products which is how it should be. After all there really aren’t that many different sorts of dirt in the average home. Nearly everything can be tackled with the best selling all purpose degreaser should meet most needs.

Although the range is safe and fully bio-degradable it is made from synthetic detergents and chemicals. For some, this is a real drawback as it means purchases eventually fund the petroleum industry, which has never been considered very environmentally friendly.

Overall, the simple concept, with not too many options (though they do seem to be growing), tried and tested ingredients, responsible packaging and concentrated formulas make Simple Green cleaners pretty Eco friendly but not quite perfect just yet.

For more information regarding Simple Green cleaners and more ways to make Cleaning Eco Friendly visit the Eco Green Cleaning Products site.

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