Saving With Lowes Coupons

There’s no perfect time to save than now. With prices skyrocketing here and there, it’s difficult to find companies that are still willing to offer their customers saving options. Home renovation is probably one of the most expensive improvement ventures you can undertake, you’ll need to set aside the adequate amount first depending on how big of a project you’re planning. Thankfully in

this department, you’ll be able to count on Lowes coupons to help you out.

For those who haven’t tried getting one yet, there are a couple of ways that you will be able to get your hands on the Lowes discount coupon. Here’s how:

Method 01:

For those who are planning to move and do some home renovation when they get to their new home, you will be able to get your Lowes coupons at the post office. Look for a “change of address moving packet.” This will be located near the mailing forms. If you are unable to locate the packet, just kindly ask the clerk. There will be many discount coupons included within the packet including those of Lowes. If you are however, unable to get a Lowes discount coupon and have gotten your hands on a Home Depot discount coupon instead, don’t worry as Lowes honor them as well. Another thing you might want to be aware of is that the discount coupons contained in the packet will have expiry dates.

Method 02:

Another way to get your hands on the coupon would be to go to Lowes main site and fill up their coupon request form. This can be found under the “Partner Websites” heading and on the “Lowes Moving Center” tab on the following page.

Doing so will open another page containing a link, titled “Request your coupon”, click on the link and fill in the form completely. After the completing the form, click on the submit button and wait for it to arrive. You’ll receive the coupon in your email after 3-5 days. Just print it and you’re good to go. If Lowes is unable to send you the email form however don’t fret as it will still send you the coupons on the address that you have provided on the form that you filled.

These are the only two methods that you can use to get your Lowes coupons. Be warned, while some might say that you will still be able to get them from online auction sites. Lowe insists that the two methods used above are the only ones you use as buying your discount coupons on auction sites may void them if discovered, not to mention this defeats their main purpose which is to help you save, not spend more.

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