Saving Money With Stackable Coupons

The real power to saving money with coupons is with stacking coupons.  Stacking coupons is the process of combining coupons to maximize savings.  Many stores will allow you to stack one manufacturer’s coupon with one store coupon, but each store will have its own coupon stacking policy so check with the store manager for the stores you shop at.  

To get started, start saving coupons for the products you use and even for the stuff you don’t use.  Check your local newspaper for coupons, especially the Sunday edition.  Be sure to look for manufacturer coupons and store coupons.  Join a coupon exchange club and trade the coupons for the stuff you don’t use for coupons for products that you do use.  You can also find manufacturer coupons on the internet.  It won’t take long before you have built up a good collection of coupons.    
After you’ve started to build up your collection of coupons, start looking for manufacturer and store coupons for the same item.  Not only does the item on the combined coupons have to be identical but it often has to be of the same size.  Compare your stacked coupons to your store’s weekly flyer to see if you can further maximize your savings.  Don’t worry if you miss your store’s weekly ad or don’t know when it is available.  Most national store chains post their weekly ads on their website.
Join your store’s loyalty-card program and link your card up to and  These two sites allow you to download coupons directly to your loyalty card.  The coupons stay on the card until they are used or expire.  The coupon savings get automatically deducted at check-out.  These discounts can usually be applied to existing coupons that you have.
Lastly, some stores will double (or even triple) the face-value of a coupons.  Talk to the store manager to find out if and when they double coupons and make sure to use your coupons on those days to maximize your coupon savings.

Steve Carroll is the webmaster of, a website that lists coupons from local Portland, Oregon businesses and offers couponing tips.

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