Roman Blinds For Black Out Function

Roman blinds are ideal for using as black out items in any room. The simplicity of the design is why they are still so popular today. A Roman blind fits the interior opening of a window a hangs close to the glass, which allows for windowsills, if you have them, to be used for displaying a plant or an ornament without losing any of the space of the surface. Being made from fabric in a most economical use of material Roman blinds can contrast or coordinate colors in a room, perhaps incorporating an accent color to bring all the elements together. They are wonderfully versatile as they can be plain or patterned with a variety of different single colors or combinations in a patterned Roman blind.

A Roman blind hangs in horizontal folds with rods that keep the crisp lines straight and even. They can be easily made to fit any size of window whether a small landing window, a bay window or even French doors. They are especially good as a dressing for glazed doors as they take up very little space so do not affect the hinge opening of the door or the operation of the handle as they are slim enough to fit behind a handle or close to a knob door handle without compromising their use and they can be secured to the frame thus allowing the door to be used as normal without having to draw back a curtain before opening it. This makes Roman blinds an ideal choice for glazed doors that open on to another area you would prefer to stay dark as they obscure the light that would otherwise filter through the glass to the other side. Having rods to keep the folds in place also provides a certain weight to them that stops them from flapping like other dressings might be prone to with a breeze caused by opening or closing the door.

Where a window has only lightweight sheer curtains a Roman blind is the ideal solution for blacking out light from street lamps, sunsets, moonlight or early summer sunrises, which is often a concern for parents trying to get young children to sleep at an early hour during the school holidays of the summer months, they still need a good night time routine regardless of the season. So often they complain that it’s not even dark yet and are reluctant to go to bed. A darkened room is essential for a good night’s sleep as our bodies respond to it as part of our natural sleep patterns and biorhythms, our pineal gland that controls melanin and our body’s reaction to light will sense true darkness and thus signal that it’s time to sleep. We are naturally diurnal creatures not nocturnal ones. Bearing this in mind Roman blinds are ideal for those who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day and also for migraine sufferers who cannot predict when an attack may happen to them and they need to retire to a darkened room until they have recovered from this debilitating condition.

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