Red Black And Beautiful

The A292 is a dual-sim phone, which means it has slots for two separate sim cards. You can effectively have two separate phone lines on it “” one for business and one for pleasure. This is handy when different phone providers have different sales and offers. With a dual sim cell phone, you can get the best of two worlds, literally.
Being a bit of a fashionista, I look at the colours when I purchase anything. And I liked this phone mostly because it”s red. It has some black on it too, but it”s the rouge that did it for me.
It has all the basic phone functions “” voice calls, voice mail and text, weighs 90 g and has a standby by of up to 12 days. The phone has talk time of 200 minutes to 6 hours. It”s a bit mannish, because at 107 by 46 by 14 mm, it”s quite chunky. This works if you prefer a good, solid phone in your hands rather than a tiny delicate one.
It comes in 9 languages: English, French, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, and Thai. It”s a bar phone “” no flips, twists or slides, which makes it even more solid. It has both audio and video functions, with 64 polyphonic ring tones, MP3 playback, FM, and stereo loudspeakers. The phonebook has room for 1000 numbers, and the alarm can be set to 5 groups. and as a standard keyboard input system and a T-Flash memory slot that lets you keep up to 4GB of data. It comes with a battery, a USB cable, a pair of earphones, a charger, and a manual. Other features found on the phone are a calendar, a calculator, a task list, a currency converter, a stop watch, and a world clock. It also has a melody composer that can add to your flair by letting you create your own ringtone.
Unlike many fancy phones, the A292 comes with a LED flashlight. This is much more effective than the standard cell phone backlight, because it shines longer and brighter. It”s a must-have to get you out of tight corners and dark spots. It has a sound recorder as well, so you”re a virtual PI.
The phone also carries a health checker and an e-book reader. Given the music, video, radio, and e-book facilities, this mobile phone is a walking entertainment system.
The A292 is available for order on wholesale and drop shipping basis. The more pieces you buy, the greater the discount, and as always with items on Chinabuye, you know you”re getting good value for your money.

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