Omega 3 Greens And Your Health

You are told to use fish oils containing omega 3 to enhance your health because omaga 3 helps save and last your life. That is omega 3 in fish oils. How about omega 3 in greens? What do you know about omega 3  greens?


The reason we need an external supplement to meet our omega 3 needs is that our body cannot produce essential fatty acids on its own. Therefore we need to find the best source of omega 3, which is generally regarded as fatty fish.


However, other sources also exist.


Omega 3 Greens

Such as cabbage, spring greens, brussel sprouts and dark leafy vegetables are all good green sources of omega 3.


Other green foods include broccoli, spinach, kale and seaweed. But many people don’t eat a lot of these vegetables and to even get the majority of benefits associated with omega 3, you’d have to eat lots of them.


The aforementioned alternative source is fish, but many people are put off fish because they can contain harmful pollutants from the water. But the fact of the matter is that they are the richest source of omega 3.


So how do we get the richness of fish but the safety of omega 3 greens?


Fortunately, there is a way. Fish supplements can go through a process called molecular distillation. This is a purification process that removes all kinds of harmful toxins picked up by fish, making them safe to consume.


It will mean the product is of pharmaceutical grade. The benefits of having a product like this are magnificent.


From prevent cancers to easing the pain of arthritis; from guarding against heart disease to lowering blood pressure, the benefits of omega 3 are endless.


So now that you know a better source than omega 3 greens exist which is also just as safe, you can set about finding the best fish oil supplement. It should be purified and contain more DHA than EPA.


Scott D Oakley is a passionate researcher and reviewer of fish oil supplements. This research is published on his website. To find out about the purified omega 3 supplements which he personally uses and recommends, visit can help you to enhance your health.

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