Offers of Money Too Good to Be True


Whether you are looking for a home based business, a network marketing opportunity, or some kind of online work, there’s a good chance that you are inundated with offers of money which sound too good to be true.  If you have ever tried any of these “deals,” you have quite likely found that most of the offers are not true.


MLM (or multi-level marketing) or, as they prefer to be called, network marketing is a way to earn money by getting others to sign up under you to buy the same products you are purchasing which you may be trying to also sell.  Those people and the people who sign up under them become your “downline” on whom you are paid commissions when they move products.  There are still millionaires being made in the network marketing industry, but they are few and far between in comparison with the thousands and perhaps millions of people who sign up regularly with high hopes of making it big and never see a dime in profits. 


The compensation plans are varied, but they all pay a percentage on sales of people signed up below you.  Some pay more on personally enrolled people which might be a line across or down.  It is impossible to make any money unless people below you are buying and selling products.  The company usually takes a lion’s share of the money because the compensation plan is too difficult.  With minimum order requirements and minimum sign ups under you before any money is paid, people often find that they are losing money each month instead of earning.  The company keeps the money left on the table which is earned from purchases and sales but not paid out due to the requirements of the compensation plan not being met.


Although the offers of money from what is touted to be an easy business with very little start up cost sound great, the claims are often too good to be true.  Some true leaders are able to immediately work the business and find riches.  For the masses, the offers which sound too good to be true most generally are just that.


There are many so called online business opportunities being pushed by those who call themselves “gurus” in that industry.  They claim to have made millions, and now they want to give back by selling you their secrets so that you can also become supremely wealthy.


It is difficult to spot the scams from the legitimate opportunities.  Most offers claim that they are good and honest, but they claim that 97% of their competitors are scams.  It is usually a method of trial and error, but it is still possible to find success if the timing and the opportunity work for you.  What works for one person may not work for another.  By the same token, what has failed for one person might work for another.

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