Men’s Black Shoe Collections

When you think of men’s black shoes, your mind probably goes straight to the classic wingtip, a staple of everyman’s shoe collection. Just as times have changed, so has the look and feel of the black shoe. Today, men can find black shoes in a variety of styles from dress to casual, and loaf to UGG boots.

In recent years that we have finally seen an evolution in the typical dressy style. Designers are finally embracing the modern man’s lifestyle and providing them with options to the standard men’s black shoe worn with a suit.

Finally men have options to go, which allow them to go from work to play. No longer do we have to see the jeans and sneaker look or the dressy black shoe with the causal black pants.

For those dressier or business functions, look for a pair of men’s black shoes that have a shine to them, for a more polished look. You can option for a classic lace up or slip on, or you might try something like an oxford with a modern twist. If you’re not sure how modern to go, browse online for suggestions or take you pants with you when you go shopping to make sure the shoe is a match or see Tips on Fixing Men’s Fashion Mistakes.

Another great shoe to have in black shoe collections is something known as dressy causal. This type of shoe works great when you want to look nice, but wearing a dressy or suit appropriate shoe would look strange. Boots are also great for those winter months with the temperature takes a dip. So you can easily buy one pair of  UGG boots on sale. If boots or loafers aren’t shoes you can see yourself wearing, you can still do a lace-up black shoe, just be sure it has a more modern look, which will help keep in the more casual style.

The best thing to remember when choosing men’s black shoes, it is to keep simple, and remember the right shoe goes a long way in taking the right step. A lot of designers are now making sneakers that not only look very cool, they are also very comfortable.

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