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Active participation of the three major exhibition

“Haibo Council, Fair, and Beijing Institute of Clothing show exhibitors, are the highlights of this year’s children’s clothing business.” Busy with the work of children’s clothing industry, Shishi City, Wang Wenjun, president of children’s clothing industry association, told reporters recently, STCF Hall – Clothing City Exhibition Arts Center on the second floor exhibition hall of the association in one fell swoop was booking down, children’s clothing companies to exhibit great enthusiasm: Haibo will be more than 140 booths have been set to go; Book Fair has also been nearly 20 booths; a lot of children’s clothing companies will be organized delegations to visit Beijing by the end of March to participate in the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair. It is reported that currently only children’s clothing on the Shishi annual production reached nearly 300 million, annual production value of related industries and transactions amounted to nearly one hundred billion.

Main attack from quantity to quality environmental

However, children’s wear competition against not only the exhibitors and the value of the “quantity” of possession. Based on the whole society to a higher level of concern about children’s health, children’s clothing consumption, gradually moving to environmentally friendly products, many enterprises in the city this year, children’s wear design of environmental protection has been greatly improved, many companies and health care, pure natural fiber-based fabrics for children’s clothing materials, timely introduction of non-polluting, non-toxic dye processing of cotton children’s clothing series.

Insiders pointed out that cotton cloth series, jackets, pants and jeans casual wear children’s wear has greatly enhanced moisture absorption, permeability and softness, these environmentally friendly products will be rapidly occupied the mainstream market, children’s wear.

China National Garment Association, the official said that in recent years, citizens of foreign children’s clothing brands popular favor, the final analysis, also because of its design advantages of environmental factors. At present, China children under the age of 16 have more than 300 million, it is necessary to seize the children’s wear market would unique environmentally friendly designs to attract consumers.

Foreign standards more emphasis on safety

The current domestic and foreign standards on the quality requirements of children’s wear there is still a gap. “Europe and the United States demanding the quality of children’s wear to a rope can not be negligent.” Shishi City, a children’s clothing company president pointed out that successive batches of substandard test to the appropriate wake-up call garment enterprises, enterprises must not blindly follow customer requirements, neglect importing country clearly defined criteria such as design and production; and no clear criteria for the state, enterprises should be our country’s relevant regulations.

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