It is Easy Being Green

Going Green Helps the Environment & Puts More Green in Your Wallet

It seems that everyone these days is jumping on the environmentally conscious bandwagon. All across the nation, we have been witnessing changes from almost all businesses, as they try to incorporate more eco-friendly practices within their relative industries. We have all seen the many car manufacturers that are greatly increasing production of automobiles that are better in regards to their surrounding environments.

Whether you choose to make small improvements to your home or much larger ones, you will still end up with the same result. In the end “going green” will save you money.

With the real estate market as it is right now, meaning the vast amount of homes in foreclosure, so now is the best time to invest. Most of these homes can be bought for far less than their past market value and converting them to be more eco-friendly would not only help the environment but also your economics status. This is especially true for homes that are a bit run down or in need of some major work.

Why not take the opportunity to help the environment while you are helping yourself. There are so many ways in which you can make changes that you can make to a home that will ultimately save you so much more money. For example, incorporating solar power may seem like a costly process, but heating and cooling costs for a home are greatly diminished. Home insulation is also very important in this regard, as what type the home has and the condition and quality it is in could make a substantial difference as to the monthly heating and air conditioning costs.

These days there are so many more environmentally safe and products and materials that can be taken advantage of. There are even “green” handymen that specialize in building and renovating homes and properties using re-usable, recycled, and environmentally conscious supplies and materials. Environmental home centers that have been referred to as “eco-home depots” that provide such eco-friendly building materials and supplies are also sprouting up in several parts of the nation. In addition, the real estate industry now even has agents and brokers that specifically focus on buying and selling “green” real estate and even incorporate “green” mortgages.

Many times, people might think that using products that have been manufactured to help the planet will serve that purpose but lose their durability. With all of the technological advancements currently available, this is definitely not the case. One such product is paint that is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). Despite its low-VOC components it is just as durable as regular paint and it offers the added bonus of not contributing to air pollutants. This is because the solvent does not give off as many volatile compounds when the paint dries. This leads to less smog, allergic reactions, and carcinogens.

A more environmentally friendly home has so many advantages to offer. Not only is it more cost effective and energy efficient, but it also more affordable. Some studies have even shown that the value of a home can increase anywhere from ten to fifteen percent if is eco-friendly. Green homes are also healthier to live in, again increasing their property value.

Jeff Adams is a full time investor who has done over 350 deals and is a leading expert in the buying and selling of real estate. For more information and to receive your free Foreclosure Profits CD, visit or sign up for his free seven day e-course at

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