How To Negate The Effects Of Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is still not being taken rather seriously. In US, there are pertaining laws in about 9 states, but non-existent in others. However Cyber bullying campaigns shoot these advices such as there shouldn’t be any uploading of photos on social sites like Facebook or MySpace. Information should be made private and there should be continual moderation.

Campaigns such as COPRA help everyone who needs help. Now that this crime has affected many victims in various stages, these campaigns know that enough is at hand. Thus, your support is also required to make them identify culprits.

For starters, you should first realize the harmful effects of Cyber bullying. You will become grossly dependent on the bully’s views and suggestions. You won’t feel you have lived your day without communicating with this person. You will become introvert and even suicidal, based on talents of this bully.

Sets of rules to follow

You should ever post your full profile photos or of anyone close to you. Image morphing is rather common pastime of Cyber bullies. You shouldn’t care too much about hate groups formed against you. You should not become too friendly with strangers unless you are assured of this person’s well-meaning.

You should never disclose whole information about yourself and your immediate environment. Stick to basics; such as your name and nature of studies. Teenagers are easy victims of Cyber bullying since they are in their formative years.

For guardians, there is a simple set of rules to follow. You should be alert on what your child is doing online. Take regular reports and also repudiate him if he is getting into bad habits such as checking out Video sites like YouTube. If your child is studying online, make a routine check of what he is downloading and how useful it is.

Keep safe distance

When in chat rooms, you should keep distance with others and don’t become too familiar. Most people use false identities in chat rooms. Even on social sites, you may get continual messages that reflect on your personal dealings. You can report abuse in such circumstances. Use your webcam only when chatting with known people. Don’t share your cell phone number with strangers for you may be harassed regularly and driven to extremes.

Sometimes, Cyber bullying grows into online stalking and it happens mainly with loners. You are made to feel that every activity of yours is being closely followed and it is best that you live according to set parameters. It has crazy results and has resulted in many suicides over the years. Create awareness about Cyber bullying and make sure that people in your surroundings don’t fall for the trap.

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