How to Get Late Holiday Deals

Remember the good old days of cheap last minute holidays? Where did they disappear to? Well the cheap prices obviously is self explanatory, everything (except the size of our pay packet it would seem) has gone up in recent years, and with the rise in airport taxes and fuel costs, it was fairly inevitable that the bubble had to burst.

So is it still worth waiting for late holiday deals or should we be booking well in advance?

I would suggest that if you are limited to when and where you are going, then book early as leaving it until the last minute could mean no availability or the flights are full. However, if you are flexible, then the world might just be your oyster.

January is usually a depressing month and summer seems so far away still, but if you can take the time off work, then its worth looking for some late holiday deals.

Anything departing within a couple of weeks is classed as a late deal, and if you can be flexible on your date and departure airport, then you may get an even better deal. Make sure you stay realistic though, tour operators need to make money and with the current recession they can’t afford to be too lenient, however faced with selling a seat or not, they may just drop the price at the last minute, to meet their capacity.

Avoiding popular weekend flights is also a good idea as is opting for night flights, these are always cheaper. Avoid bank holidays and the school holidays as prices rarely drop at these times.

Prices will vary according to destination and time of year, for example Spain during our winter will be cheaper as the weather is not as hot as in the summer. If you come across late holiday deals to long haul destinations, check first that it is not the monsoon, hurricane or rainy seasons.

Popular destinations will obviously sell out sooner, and you will probably never get the late holiday deals you are hoping for to these destinations. So why not just go for it, escape the cold British winter and set off for some sun.

Grab your suitcase and your passport and get on the internet to see exactly which late holiday deals are available. But always remember; don’t dither, if you see a good price BOOK IT, because if you go back five minutes later, it will probably have gone.

Yvonne also writes informative and fun new stories for Travelnewz

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