How To Fix Black Death Screen

Every player finds it irritating to see the screen suddenly turning black in the middle of the game. It is called black screen death or PlayStation black death. Beginning to fear or starting to panic won’t help you, so there is no need to do either of that. Turning off your PS3 and reboot it might be the first way you try to solve the problem. Sometimes it is something as simple as the loosen of different cables that cause black screen. After being played for long hours (the usual scene) the pwer cables become loosen by the motions and the power is cut.


A proper process which might help you is that first of all restart your PS3, after restarting it check all the cables and see that whether or not they are properly plugged in. Except the power cable, unplug rest of the cables and then properly plug them back in the PS3. When your PS3 is turned off also unplug the hard drive and plug it back correctly. This process can help you in fixing the black screen death but most of the times the people get worried when a problem like the PlayStation black death occurs. You can give it to the Sony Company and they will fix it for you but you will have to pay more than $ 150 to them as well and that is not a small amount of money.


If you want to get a cheap solution for the PlayStation black death or black screen death then you better do the fixing yourself. As you know that there are many guides available in the market with the help of which you can fix several errors of the PS3. With the help of the repair guide you will get step by step guidance. There are a lot of detailed repair guides which also include pictures so you can understand in a better way.


If you are having problems with fixing Ps3 Black Screen Death and would like to have more info on the fixing techniques then you can get it here at PlayStation Black Death.

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