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Recent CPU Market as market product rarely mention the black box version, but you will not forget the replacement of black-box version of the 5400 + and 5000 + the latest K10 origin 7750, its powerful performance and reasonable pricing, can be said that the most recent CPU cattle ! At present, Guangzhou business reported a 399 yuan of box installed special price, all specified at the end the store installed a friend, can enjoy special prices to 399 yuan this original 445 yuan of the CPU.

Athlon X2 7750 Black Box Edition is a dual-core processor though, but worth mentioning is that he fully adopted and A MD The structure of the high-end Phenom processors, is a nobility of the dual-core processor, but performance is no shrinking, is the only product on the market equipped with three dual-core processor cache. 3 There is no doubt the role of the cache, so AthlonX2 7750 Black Box Edition of the game performance of the more eye-catching. From the current situation, the game’s cache for the CPU more and more dependent, with 2MB cache AthlonX2 7750 three large black-box version of the natural and enjoyable.

Based on 65nm K10 micro-architecture of the Athlon dual-core processor Athlon X2 7750 black box version of the arrival of a powerful rival to ease the impact of AMD mainstream market! Athlon X2 7750 Black Box edition to mainstream consumers can easily experience the HT 3.0 bus, 2MB 3 cache, DDR2-1066 Memory Controller and Cool Quiet 2.0 technology, and its powerful overclocking performance, but also attract a lot of DIY Player’s attention!

Athlon X2 7750 Black Box Edition Phenom-based core K10 processor architecture has all the features. Is a more cost-effective, AthlonX2 7750 black-box version and previous black-box processor (5000 +, 5400 +) The difference is that he comes boxed radiator is adequate for daily use, which also reduce the user virtually costs, highlighting the cost.

Athlon X2 7750 black box version of the code “AD775ZWCJ2BGH”, as is the latest manufacturing process, AMD Phenom-based dual core CPU architecture has a better physique, whether it is the default properties, or overclocking potential, are enough to make gamers satisfied !

See from the label, Athlon X2 7750 Black Box Edition with native dual-core design, and do not lock the multiplier. The majority of the media release of test results can be seen, most of the AthlonX2 7750 Black Box Edition all can be easily overclocked to 3.3GHz or even higher, overclocking (OC3.3G) performance can improve about 30%.

Security label In the players most concerned about power consumption and heat side, Athlon X27750 black box version of the performance of 45nm products Ling Duishou enough shame! Either before or overclocking overclocking, AthlonX2 7750 black-box version of the core temperature maintained at 22-32 degrees!

Version of the current Athlon X27750 black box on quoted market prices at 445 yuan, is the current price on the highest quality products. More importantly, the formation of a AM2 platform, the cost is very affordable, AthlonX27750 black-box version can be used with 780G, 790GX chip set, etc., but also can be used with HD4850, HD4830, etc. Graphics The formation 3A platform that would boost overall system performance!

AMD Athlon X2 7750

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