Green Job Search – 4 Tips on Finding a Green-Collar Job

Green jobs have been in the news a lot lately. It’s no secret that more companies are becoming environmentally conscious. As a result, there’s a focus on creating products and services that help instead of harm the environment. People are needed to fill these newly-created green job positions. Confused about how to begin your green job search? Here are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1. Discover Your Passion

People seek green-collar jobs because they’re passionate about protecting the environment. So the first step to finding the green job of your dreams is knowing what you want to do.

If you dream of working outdoors growing organic crops, you wouldn’t enjoy making energy efficient heating systems. Both are green jobs, but very different in nature. This is why it’s important to get clear about the type of work you want.

Tip 2. Study the Industry

The green-collar sector is relatively new. You need to learn all you can about the industry before you get involved. Just like with any other job search, employers won’t hire just anybody. Yes, there are more green jobs than people to fill them, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. Don’t start your green job search before you know the skills and experience companies are seeking.

Tip 3. Market Yourself to the Right People

If you’re frightened by the thought of networking, then your green job search will come to a screeching halt. You have to go to the source to learn about the best green jobs available.

The best jobs are rarely advertised online or in the newspaper. You should check those places as well, but the best jobs are often given to those who go out and find them.

You have to identify the companies that are looking for what you have to offer. Also research to discover which companies are “green” companies.

Once you have your list, it’s time to contact the decision makers. This doesn’t mean mail your resume to human resources. Instead, contact the person who makes hiring decisions. And guess what? It’s definitely not anyone in human resources.

Tip 4. Learn More about Finding a Green-Collar Job

Many of the techniques used for finding blue-collar and white-collar jobs won’t work for the green-collar sector. As of now, there isn’t much information available on how to conduct a green job search. The Complete Green Job Guide was created to fill this void. If you’re in the market for a green job, this book is the first place to start.

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