Green Ideas for the Home

Most people only think about large companies when they think about harmful pollutions that enter the environment. It is true that the big companies who participate in non-green activities do produce an extremely large amount of pollution but so do residents from their own homes. If individuals just make small changes to their daily activities then the damage done to our world will be reduced greatly. If everyone did their parts my changing some small aspect of their daily routine to be greener then the condition of our environment would be left in a healthier state.

No one is trying to have a house that is too cold or too hot so that they are not comfortable, but their energy usage can be reduced by changing the thermostat by a couple of degrees every season. Instead of setting your thermostat at your ideal temperature it can be turned down a little bit more during the winter instead of remaining at full blast which allows the furnace to rest for a while or by increasing the temperature a little in the summer for the same reason to give the furnace a small break. This helps with the overall health of the environment and it will also save individuals money.

The air conditioning does not have to be used as soon as the temperature starts to increase; a greener and cheaper alternative would be to turn on fans. Fans require an amount of energy that is about 98 percent less than what central air unit’s use. Don’t continue to use the fans if it is so hot that you feel like you are in a sauna, but they should be used for the first couple of weeks that that temperature starts to increase. This act will drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed by your home, which is great for our earth and limited resources.

In order to do laundry in a greener way wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot whenever you can. A large percentage of the energy that is used by a washing machine is used to heat up the water so by washing your laundry in cold water a large amount of energy will be saved and money as well.

Long hot showers are nice and may feel extremely good if your body is sore but the environment does not like them so much. A green shower lasts between 10 to 15 minutes. This again will reduce the amount of energy used.

One aspect of living a green lifestyle is about reducing the amount of energy you use every day by the settings used on your thermostat and by using cold water instead of hot whenever you can.


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