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Or groundwater as a source of energy for construction Refrigeration Or heating systems, functions like Central air conditioning , But do not consume traditional Energy (Electricity, coal, fuel oil, etc.), but does not produce pollution.

As water source heat pump energy-saving Environmental protection Features, has been widely used in developed countries, including the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, the most widely in China in 1996, began after the application of this product in 2005, the Ministry of Construction started a massive scale, Dalian City has identified more than 5 million square meters of construction using water heat pump, with a total investment estimated to reach 12-15 billion.

Water source heat pump applications in developed countries

Ground Source Heat Pump Although the research began in 1912, but until the 20th century, the early 70s the first time appeared on the world energy crisis, which began to be taken seriously. Ground source heat pump technology began in 1912, the Swiss Zoelly’s “ground source heat pump” concept. 20th century Europe and the United States 50 years of ground source heat pump started the first wave of 70’s until the 20th century, the world Oil Crisis makes people concerned about energy conservation, efficient use of energy, promote the use of ground source heat pump rapidly.

To the 19th century, the early 80s, heat pump in the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other developed countries have been widely used, and gradually formed a European focus on developing large-scale heat pump or pump stations obvious advantages, the United States, small heat pump installations at the leading pattern. But the heat pump in the world of large-scale commercial application is something the past 20 years. In the U.S., accounting for ground source heat pump system Heating 20% of air-conditioning system, is the U.S. government so hard to promote energy-saving technologies. The U.S. Ground Source Heat Pump Sell The number of annual increase rate of 20%. The number of simultaneous production of ground source heat pump and heating and cooling system, well-known enterprises, such as: Waterfumace, GeothermalDX, ydron so. In the Nordic countries, ground source heat pump is mainly used for indoor floor heating and provide hot water, especially in Switzerland, the home heating devices, ground source heat pump a large percentage.

To 2004, in the United States has accounted for residential water source heat pump heating (cooling) systems for more than 23%, but also an annual growth rate of more than 15%, while in Sweden, Switzerland and the Nordic and Central European countries, higher proportion of water source heat pump.

The popularization and application in China

In our country, ground source heat pump of 80 years starting in the 20th century, the technology has become in recent years, domestic building energy and HVAC industry research topic, and used in large quantities Project Practice. Since 1996, in Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Liaoning, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Shanghai, and Tibet, have ground source heat pump project is completed, the National Ground Source Heat Pump System area of the end of 2004 has more than 20 million square meters.

In 2005, China significantly accelerated the application of water source heat pump, because the technology is already very mature, large-scale promotion in China is about to enter the application stage. Ministry of Construction has been established in Dalian in 2005 to promote large-scale water source heat pump as a pilot city. Dalian City has identified 5 million square meters and is prepared to further promote the pilot areas. 280 yuan per square meter in accordance with the investment estimate for the water source heat pump Dalian recent investment will reach 1.4 billion.

In addition, the Ministry prepared to further promote the use of water source heat pump, water source heat pump in accordance with the technical features of the future in the more developed coastal cities (Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao, Yantai, etc.) and surface water-rich southern region can be widely application. According to information obtained from public information, Qingdao will be more than 150 million square meters of construction using water source heat pump technology, and other coastal cities have similar investment plans.

Lack of some information, now can not accurately calculate the amount of future projects or investment. But if the water source heat pump used in each year completed the construction area of 1% of the area, then there should also be more than 13 million square meters, the investment reached 50 billion yuan.

As the use of water source heat pump costs far lower than conventional cooling or heating system, and will vigorously support the country’s future product development, the product is expected in coastal areas, and water-rich regions are widely used .

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