Green-Collar Workers – Traditional Industries and Green Jobs

Do you want a traditional job within the green-collar sector? Perhaps you’re a salesperson with no desire to become a solar panel installer. Maybe you’re a financial analyst who wants to provide counsel to green businesses. You’re in luck because green-collar workers aren’t limited to new emerging green companies. You can work for an established business and fill the green-collar role.

Everyone is Going Green

There are plenty of well-established companies in the green movement. Support for the green-economy is high, and companies realize its in their best interest to get involved. Here are a few well-known companies that offer green jobs:

• Dell
• Coca Cola Company
• General Electric
• Bank of America
• General Motors
• Staples

Finding a Green Job in a Non-Green Industry

The first step is to make a list of places where you’d like to work. After you have your list, research the companies online. Most companies have websites that provide useful information for job seekers. So put on your detective hat and see if you can find a green trail.

You can get clues from:

• The annual report. This will give you an idea about their environmental activities. Have they invested in or created any green programs? Is there any mention of green job training? Have they made an effort to make their products or services “green”? Put on your thinking cap and look for signs that the company is active in the green movement.

• Press releases. Going green is a big deal. The larger the company, the more newsworthy the story. Most companies will release a statement when they develop a new program, product, or service that’s environmentally friendly. You can form a clear picture of the company just be reading a few press releases.

You should also check to see what others say about the company. Is it a good place to work? Are the workers treated well? Do they provide good benefits? Answer these questions before making your final decision. Just because a company looks good on paper doesn’t mean its a good place to work. Find out what current and former employees have to say.

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