Going Green With Ward Burton

The enviroment is not a concept or a trend. It is our planet and we only have one to live in. This is why Going Green With Ward Burton is such an important and fascinating show. Produced by U S Media Television Productions, Going Green provides inspiration and education that will help us reduce our carbon footprint and live more environmentally-friendly lives. The ecology is a total of all living things on the planet. Humans have more power than any other creature and the decisions we make every day impact our natural world.

Going Green host Ward Burton, a former NASCAR racing champion and wildlife advocate, brings his charm and wit to an educational and informative production filled with important profiles and stories on the people and places altering the way we think about the planet Earth. Going Green is not just a show, it is a way of life and for the planet Earth to survive we will all have to go green. By simply walking more and driving less, using less water, re-using bags and other small gestures, we reduce landfill, carbon emissions, and waste.

The American Way of Life is changing, whether we like it or not. The future of America and the world depends on finding new forms of green energy, new ways to power our cars, and on new ways of thinking about what we consume and how we live. What is non-negotiable is not the American Way of Life but the fact that the planet is changing due to human beings. Global warming is now irrefutable and the mass extinction of species cannot be over-looked or debated. With the diminishing polar ice caps and glaciers in places like Alaska and the Antarctic, Going Green With Ward Burton is more than a topical or thematic show. It is a vital way for people to learn and change their lives to lead a more sustainable existence.

Going Green With Ward Burton will not just inspire our lives. It will also show how the business world is changing with special themes like Sustainable Building Solutions and other features, Going Green With Ward Burton will both inspire and educate us all to be more thoughtful and understanding about the impact our lives have on the planet and about ways to become more in tune with the Planet Earth.

Apollo Theou writes about Going Green with Ward Burton and Going Green hosted by Ward Burton for Mediasophia

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