Fuel Injection Pump Test Stand Products, Present Situation And Future Trends

As the world Diesel engine The rapid development of industry and environmental groups the world gradually strengthen the fight against environmental pollution problems, the correct operation of diesel injection equipment becomes increasingly important. In order to achieve the best diesel engine running, minimum fuel consumption and reduce emissions of purpose, it must Engine The entire process of production and the use of the fuel system calibration as much as possible. Now the world’s emissions for diesel engines developed a number of issues related to standards, the 2008 Beijing will implement the diesel engine in Europe? Standards, in the next decade China will carry out the implementation of the standards Therefore, the measurement of diesel engine fuel system tools “Pump Test” quality requirements to be improved.

1. Pump Test Product Status Domestic manufacturers of fuel injection pump test stand has been since the eighties, the number remained stable, according to speed and power transmission mode classification method, the domestic production of the factories are common test bed, mainly of drive slip clutch transmission and exchange Inverter Speed of two types of products. The production machinery, hydraulic speed test rig have a DC speed control of the two, and its yield is quite low, more than the total combined annual output of three types of products less than 1 million units.

2. Pump Test Control System Power Status

(1) mechanical rotation speed Test Mechanical rotation speed can be adjustable test rig is used to achieve the fuel pump drive pulley rotational speed of the CVT to persuade the. The type of test stand started in the late fifties in domestic production, because of its simple structure, easy production, the industry in fuel pump maintenance account for a large market, but the types of products with low transmission efficiency, speed narrow, difficult to meet the high-speed, Debugging high-power diesel engine fuel injection pump, currently only a small amount of this type of test bed, mainly for tractors, construction machinery and other small and medium-power diesel engine fuel injection pump of debugging, such products are already out of product.

(2) Hydraulic Test Bench Hydraulic Transmission Test Bed, the transmission efficiency and speed stability, generally able to satisfy the requirements of various types of fuel injection pump debugging. Since the domestic production since the sixties, is a mechanical test bed replacements. Currently, fuel pump repair industry has a larger market.

As the product is Hydraulic Pump Drive hydraulic motor to make the drive shaft speed, and its Hydraulic Components Require higher precision, the structure is relatively complex, making manufacture more difficult to use in maintenance more difficult, the operation is very convenient, voice loud. Therefore, the species present in the pump test rig manufacturers oil Tsui has been basically eliminated.

(3) slip-type test bench Slip differential test rig is the end of the seventies began mass production of products, manufacturers and maintenance of pumps Tsui industry has large holdings.

Base slip clutch test rig is normally provided by manufacturers to design products and matching with the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor, there are some manufacturers directly with the professional manufacturers of electrical slip speed motor assembly on the test stand .

Main features of such a test stand is simple in structure, easy maintenance, use and convenient operation, high reliability, its performance can meet the pump oil Tsui production debugging and maintenance industries. But there are also unstable speed control performance, likely to cause defects such as speed control, the failure of the equipment maintenance and operations personnel have a certain degree of risk, for which individual manufacturers of the products in the measurement and control instrument part of the pre-installation of the speed Purchase protection, which effectively ensure the safety of equipment operation.

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