Friday To Seize The 11 Gold Stars In September To Open Five Large Stores

Five Star Joint 100 large factories, the overall strategy launched Golden Week

Maximum drop of 15,000 color TV, kitchen highest drop 60%, the highest drop in 50% of the air-conditioning, washer maximum drop of 20%, mobile recording King of the highest drop 60%, 30% drop in the highest cinema, mobile phones up 30% drop, the highest digital fell 80% … … “11 Five Star Appliance feast from the afternoon of Sept. 30 started, 11 this year, the overall promotional activities, color TV, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, digital will be in focus, flat-panel TV prices will create low, brand mobile phone joint venture full price dive, straight down kitchen package is expected to top 60% and so on, these will be five-star meal in the Golden Week, the highlight of promotion. “Five Star King Star, said Planning Director of the Centre, the” Golden Week has been the home appliances market, the energy savings to the release of the long-time, five-star price and quality advantages will sprint through annual sales, while allowing consumers to obtain the greatest benefit. “star Golden Week will also improve service quality as an important means to gain competitive .

Seize 11 Gold Star Electric in September Friday to open five large stores

Five Star Golden Week this year, early in the successive five stores, including two years of selling billions of dollars of A + class stores, which are open-minded in Ningbo of Zhejiang Street flagship store and the area of Suzhou Road Hefei store . The two stores opened in September 15, opened two days of sales on far more than the original sales target. The other three new stores were opened in Wuxi victory in Southern and store doors opened on September 22 in Hangzhou Jiubao stores and three stores in Changshu in Southern Jiangsu. This store several landmark open a Five Star will be more consolidation in the original first-line city, earlier this year have followed the Five Star president and Jian-Guo Wang’s “big store plan” tone.

Five Star King Star introduced Planning Director of the Centre, the number of golden weeks ago Five Star stores to 150. Large-scale expansion from 2005 to 2006, 2007 adjustment, general adjustment is up to 3 years, in 2008 there will be a large five-star development. Five Star will adhere to the consistent development strategy, “focus and concentration”, based on East China, facing the country, step by step style. The main shop is a single-shop quality, differentiated and open stores with its own characteristics. Although the five-star started late, relatively small. But the size does not represent the advanced and backward, the number of how many stores does not mean that the company’s strengths, the effective five-star to open stores, open 10 stores in 10 stores success, the pursuit of efficiency and quality of a single shop.

Vendors with hand preparation, “Golden Week”

It is understood that, as early as 3 months ago, Five Star would have signed with major manufacturers of Golden Week sales agreements, Samsung GSM China general manager, sales director of Apple China, Whirlpool (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Sales Director, Sony Ericsson General Manager China market, Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd. General Manager, Guangdong Galanz Electronics Retail Ltd., GD Midea Microwave Oven Co., Ltd. General Manager, Lenovo mobile communication channels, general manager, LG Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager of Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Pentium Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd general manager of domestic marketing, Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Ministry of Domestic Appliances and key customers Five Star managers have visited the headquarters to discuss “Golden Week” promotion resource allocation. According to sources within the five-star, 150 stores nationwide Five Star Golden Week sales resources already in place a month ago on all.

We all know, home appliance industry is focused on consumption of a typical holiday, Golden Week, according to Five Star past research shows that only 7-day Golden Week sales, home appliances market size as high as 4 billion. Five Star King Star said Planning Director of the Centre, the five-star Golden Week sales accounted for 8% of total sales, equivalent to one month’s sales in peacetime. Five Star this week coincides with the total to 150 stores nationwide, in order to return the consumer, during the Golden Week decrease of five-star game-high commodity million, the highest decline of 15,000 color TV, kitchen highest drop 60%, 50% drop in the maximum air conditioning, washer maximum drop of 20%, the highest mobile recording King of decline 60%, 30% drop in cinema up the phone up drop 30%, 80% drop in the digital maximum. 46-inch large screen LCD TV below 9000 yuan, with Core Duo Asus A8 notebook market straight down 1,000 yuan, mobile audience six fold, to buy the specified digital products are high-capacity memory card gift.

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