Fort Lauderdale Hotel Deals

Fort Lauderdale hotel deals enable you to discover the beautiful and awe inspiring side of Fort Lauderdale that many do not get to see. Fort Lauderdale was built in 1837 during the Second Seminole War and served as a major military base during the time. In 1911, Fort Lauderdale was finally incorporated into the United States. The 93 square kilometer city houses over 185 thousand people.

Fort Lauderdale has an enormous and thriving tourism industry. Fort Lauderdale draws in over 10 million visitors annually and with good reason. The boating industry is also a major source of revenue for Fort Lauderdale. The expansive and unique canal system of Fort Lauderdale has earned it the nickname “Venice of America.” The banking and metropolitan area is also a very rich area which contributes a considerable amount to Fort Lauderdale’s revenue.

Fort Lauderdale has 8 outstanding beaches covering over 37 kilometers of shoreline. There is so much to do at the beaches include swimming, surfing, parasailing, boogie boarding, relaxing, tanning, playing sports, riding wave runners and fishing. There are many sightseeing cruises all around Fort Lauderdale that any visitor can take and in many ways such as water taxis, kayak tours, gondola rides and riverboats. Fort Lauderdale hotel deals will help you make the most of your stay in Fort Lauderdale without breaking the budget. Many come to Fort Lauderdale to partake in one of the many sports available. Primarily, people come for snorkeling and scuba diving to see firsthand the diverse and magnificent underwater world of Fort Lauderdale. Other sports include casinos, skating, golf, boating and fishing.

For more family focused vacations, Fort Lauderdale has a huge variety of places to visit and enjoy. The Billie Swamp Safari has daily airboat tours showing native and exotic wildlife alike and also hosts snake and alligator shows. The Boomersi Greater Fort Lauderdale hosts state-of-the-art video games, go-kart racing, rock climbing, miniature golf, bumper boats, roller coasters, laser tag, bowling and a sports lounge. The Boomersi Greater Fort Lauderdale is a kid’s paradise and will make the adults feel like they were kids again. The Buehler Planetarium will open up the final frontier for children and help them discover the mysteries and wonders of space.

After a long and exciting day, a good night’s rest is required. Fort Lauderdale has amazing hotels and amongst the top hotels are the Pelican Grand Beach Resort, The Atlantic Hotel, Boca Bridge Waterfront Hotel, Harbor Beach Marriot Resort, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, Ritz-Carlton hotel, Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach and The Grand Palms Spa And Golf Resort. These hotels offer year round quality rooms, indoor pools, gymnasium, spas and award winning restaurants.

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