Fashion able shoes for this season

Whether the trend of shoe season! 
Autumn – it flies fast and we did not even notice the snow cover the earth, frost hit, and we need to be wrapped in a warm, not always attractive due to its size clothing. Then of course come spring and will once again be the slush and mud. So what to do in order to look fashion able and always in any weather, but feel comfortable and warm? Let’s take a quick tour of the fashion + trends of footwear this season.

So for the autumn, winter and spring, designers offer a wide selection of footwear. All kinds of boots, shoes and boots – hits of the 2009-2010 season. Colours and variety are staggering imagination, the heel depends only on your desire. But the hottest hit of the season – feet shod in boots – boots, and, as they are longer, the better! Popular materials, and suede leather.

If last year was a trend footwear bright colors FLANMARK.COM, this season is different rigor and conciseness, the predominance of gray, black and other dark shades. The simplicity and elegance, is the motto of designers this season. But amid this “dark kingdom” is the ray of light, so to speak. For example, the fall colors: yellow, green and red appear in some collections. When choosing shoes, guided by what suits you best, be on top, striking with bright colors and express themselves with restraint and mystery. The main thing that you have chosen footwear was warm and comfortable, without any of this, even the best of all, at first glance appears to be flawed.

Worth noting that the creators of the shoe, in this season have focused on convenience and included in their collection of platforms, heels are comfortable and practical texture.

Suede, the most striking proposal designers. It attracts and draws attention to themselves. And it is no accident, because it is suede combines luxury and grace, she is able to hide weaknesses, stressing the merits. But it has one drawback, suede requires careful maintenance. So if you buy shoes, created from this beautiful material, take care of caregivers tools, and get another pair of leather.

Do not go out of fashion FLANMARK.COM boots, are presented in great variety, some designers have created their bold and unusual, and some the contrary have relied on the comfort and elegance. It all depends on you.

This season there are new ideas, so for example, many Couturier added to their collection “The biker and military boots – it boots with lots of buckles and fasteners for all kinds of locks and stickers. This kind of shoe fits original, loving to shock the girls.

This season, returned to the combination of large platforms and stilettos, and now it is not considered something vulgar and inappropriate. This shoe has one significant advantage, it is easy! And now, if you do not have a car and forced to travel on public transport, can not be afraid that will break a heel or a fall. Boldly and confidently walk down the street, fashion FLANMARK.COM on your side.

Vivid details are ubiquitous this season, they are doing from the very simple pair of shoes a work of art. Fur trim, all kinds of lace, flowers, rocks – all this can be seen in stores this season. But remember that they must all be individual, it should be only one item, not a combination thereof.

The most fashion FLANMARK.COM able shoes 2009-2010 – a shoe, designed for comfort and beauty. Finally, a combination of these together in one! Feel free to experiment, buy and wear shoes that was created for all women’s feet.

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