Extreme Couponing – How to Save Money with Free Coupons

The new show extreme couponing shows you how a krazy lady has saved a ton of money just by using free coupons.  It really goes to the extreme hence the name of the new hit series on TLC, however you can do the same by just following a few simple steps every time you go to the grocery or retail store near you.

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There are a few people who are shoppers that appeared on the TLC series extreme couponing and one of them is Nathan who started clipping coupons about 4 years ago when he wanted to take a closer look at his family finances.  His latest trip to the super market saved him over $ 240 just by using free grocery coupons.

Another extreme shopper is a woman named Amanda who spent up to 70 hours a week looking for those hot deals on line and in stores by getting their ad fliers to check out all the door buster sales.  She saved over 50 bucks on her latest trip to the store.

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There is a point to this whole story even if it may seem to be a little blown out of proportion with the hype it has been getting.  You don’t have to go “krazy” like the coupon lady has done to all the extremes in saving hundreds or thousands of dollars of retail prices.  The best thing to do is instead of throwing out those coupon fliers and ads you get in the mail, save them for the next time you run out to the grocery store and use the coupons to save off your total bill.

There are also plenty of deal websites out there where you can save money on retail purchases at well known retailers nationwide that can cut back 10-20% off your total bill.

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