Espadrilles: Fashionable Summer Shoes For Everybody

An up-and-coming trend in footwear fashions is the humble espadrilles. Originating in the Pyrenees, as long ago as the 14th century, many people may find it difficult to understand how a style of footwear, invented more than 600 years ago, continues to be popular today. The answer to this is simple: they are extremely comfortable, and suit many different fashions.

As footwear, they tend to be more popular amongst the upper middle class. Indeed, we often see these shoes on the feet of sailors aboard luxury yachts some of these shoes even sport the traditional seamans stripes. As far as luxury goes, this style of shoe falls firmly in the lesser-known category of affordable luxury. Adding a pair to your wardrobe will go a long way to creating a sophisticated style, they have that rare quality of improving elegance, regardless of the clothing worn. They have many different qualities, so versatile is their nature, they have the capacity to make an outfit sexy, make an outfit relaxed, make an outfit confident, depending on the occasion, and the style of dress worn. In other words, these shoes have the ability to enhance any look the wearer is trying to achieve. And, all these characteristics are reflected upon the wearer what more could you want from a shoe?

Espadrilles all share some basic features. The uppers are normally made from materials such as cotton, rayon, cloth, or linen, wholesome fibres much closer to nature than the average synthetic materials that normally feature in the manufacturing of most shoes. The soles are normally made from woven rope. Fabric covers the whole foot, and rises to a point just below the ankle, for this reason, they are much more popular in summer than in winter, and if you do choose to wear a pair, make sure that you do not wear socks a terrible look indeed.

Although all espadrilles have the same underlying design, they come in a huge variety of colours. The material uppers frequently sport funky graphic designs, perfect for young people, there are chequered and stripes, perfect for sailors and outdoor lovers, then there is the plethora of colours in which they can be found, almost any colour you can think of, you can find. Depending on your mood, there is a colour to suit. If you are feeling fun loving, then you can find a fun design, feeling morose, then blacks, greys, and browns are perfect, feeling feminine, then pink is perfect, masculine, then blue.

If you want to increase your fashion quotient this season, then you cannot go wrong with a pair of espadrilles. Whatever the occasion (as long as it is summer), you will find a suitable pair; weddings, beach-trips, boat-trips, carnivals, festivals, birthday parties, etc, there is a shoe that fits perfectly.

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