Espadrille Shoes Are Hot This Season

The harsh winters that we are suffering under the influence of will soon be over and the temperature will gradually start rising above the freezing point in many parts of the world. Many fashion oriented people have already started to think about their wardrobes for the spring that is approaching us slowly but surely. In the New Year, most people want to look their best and the people who have been following the fashion seasons will know that the spring summer collections of all the major designers and fashion labels have already been shown at fashion weeks at the fashion capitals of the world. The fashion world is all ready and set for spring and summer of 2011 with brand new looks, brand new styles and hot new colours and fits.

The eagle eyed fashion connoisseur will also have spotted that one of the biggest fashion trend of this summer for both women and men at least in the world of mens as well as womens high fashion footwear is the return of the espadrille shoes.

Espadrilles as they are also known are one of the best kinds of shoes for summer and they have an interesting and romantic history. They were first invented in the late fourteenth century in the Pyrenees mountain region in what is now the country of Spain in a region called Catalonia. These shoes were originally a sort of hard wearing and comfortable shoes that were meant for farm workers to wear all day and hence they are one of the hardiest and most comfortable shoe styles on the market today. They were made with a kind of wild grass that is abundant in the area that is called Esparto and that is where they get their name from. The Esparto grass is woven into the shape of a sole and then pressed and stitched to an upper that is made of cotton or canvas. After this, if necessary, a heel made of rubber or even wood may also be glued on. The shoes were made with laces so that they would not slip off easily but they were also made in slip on styles for both males and females.

As is often the case espadrille shoes caught on with Spanish people and soon fashionable people around the world started wearing them for their distinctive look and their air of Bohemian simplicity and ease.

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