Espadrille Shoes – A New Fashion Frontier

What do most celebrities have in common? Well, those who are up to date with current trends can be seen wearing the hottest footwear on the block – espadrille shoes. If you are a person who has large feet or whose size is larger than a 10, then buying a stylish designer shoe can be a problem at times. Earlier if you wanted to buy a shoes of size 10 than you had to have them specially ordered and they were not particularly fashionable. But with the advent of espadrilles shoes the choice is no longer limited

Espadrille footwear is available everywhere and if you want to buy good quality shoes then you should surely check online as these retailers offer a selection of stylish shoes which I am sure your local shoe store will be unable to provide.

Espadrille shoes are basically casual, high heel or flat fashion sandals which have originated from the Pyrenees. They are made of canvas or cotton fabric and their distinguishing feature is the sole which are made up of rope and rubber material and are made to look like a rope. These shoes vary widely in style and these uppers are very popular in Estonia in France where they are basically used as running shoes.

You must be wondering where the term ‘espadrille’ has come from? It is a French word and has originated from the ‘esperdaniya’ which in turn, derives from the word ‘esparto’. The Catalan name for esparto is a type of Mediterranean grass which is tough and wiry and is used to make ropes. Since 14th century espadrille shoes have been made in Catalonia and there are some traditional shops in Catalonia who manufacture these shoes even today. Traditional espadrille shoes can be distinguished from the contemporary ones as they used to have a canvas upper with toes and vamps cut in one piece and seamed to the sole made of rope at the side. Usually they have laces at the throat which are wrapped around the ankles to hold the shoes in place when you wear them. In ancient times espadrilles were popularly worn by both men and women.

Modern espadrille footwear is designed basically for both men and women by top designers including Donna Karan and Pare Gabia. So if you are interested in purchasing a new pair of espadrille shoes go for it now as time and tide wait for none.

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