Dress Code For Black Tie Events

Luncheons, dinners, galas and soirees are just some of the black tie events wherein you will be asked to dress in a formal suit. Thus, you have to come to the gathering dressed up to the nines. Of course, you do not want to be left out in a drab outfit nor would you want to be overly dressed for the occasion making you everybody’s center of attention.

A black tie ensemble is consists of a suit and accessories, mostly of which are optional. Others may look very simple but having the grace and the art to pull all your suit together in harmony is a plus factor. So, what are the basic things that you will need in getting ready for a black and white affair? Be sure to make a checklist of the following things you will need:

1. A white tuxedo shirt is the one and only choice that is perfect for a black tie event. It has to have vertical pleats somewhere on the area of the chest. It also needs to have French cuffs where you can use those adorable cuff links as accents.

2. Of course, what’s a this dress code without a tuxedo. It must not be confused with a tailcoat. The latter is for a white tie affair only which is much more formal. As for the pants, make sure that yours have a black satin strip that runs at the outside seam of the leg.

3. Black tie events require bow ties of silk fabric, no more, no less. Some men opt to wearing long neck ties but they are definitely a no-no in so far as black tie etiquette is concerned. Once you have chosen the perfect bow tie, make sure that yours comes with a bat wing design wherein the sides are straighter and sharper.

4. Black leather shoes will complete your total look for that party. It must be polished to perfection. Never wear those pair of velvet tuxedo during daytime.

5. Cuff links are excellent accessories that can jazz up your suit. While there are many kinds of cuff links available in the market, silver or gold cuff links are the most appropriate for a black tie attire.

6. Black belt and black suspenders will make a great pair. If you want to go the extra mile in looking chic, a cummerbund or waistcoat will come as an excellent accessory.

7. Black socks should be your color of choice and nothing else. For one, they complement your shoes.

8. A black hat is never worn in this formal affair nor a pair of hand gloves.

9. Pocket watches are excellent pieces of jewelry that can glam up your tuxedo. However, if you are wearing one, a wrist watch is no longer necessary.
A black tie event is more than just showing up in your crispiest suit and sleekest pair of shoes. You have to carry yourself well. Thus, put on that best smile and walk with confidence as you strut your way to the dance floor.

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