Dinnerware Trends

Trends have a way of appearing in all facets of our life, they affect our fashion, our art, our homes, even the celebrities we admire. It has a way of sneaking into our everyday life. And it has definitely snuck in through our choices in dinnerware. Just imagine your mother’s dishes. Do they look anything like the ones you dream of? Probably not, because those dishes are no longer popular. But what is?

Unusual Shapes
Food is no longer served on your mother’s round dinnerware! Dishes now come in all shapes and sizes: squares, triangles, stars, leaves, there are no limits to the form your plates can take. They also come in varying sizes from the smallest dessert plate to the largest dinner plate. Dishes can now be stacked to wonderful effect when setting the table.

Intense Colour
Dinnerware no longer comes only in pale, subdued colors and patterns. It can be purchased in bright, eye-catching colors. Ethnic themes are popular, bringing Mexican, Asian and African colors, hues and patterns to the forefront.

Neutral Tones
Neutral tones such as black, brown and taupe have replaced white as the simple go-to color for dishes. These dishes are easy to match and can be shown to dramatic effect with a few decorative touches on the table. They easily match and coordinate with your household.

Unconventional Graphics
Odd, whimsical and unconventional graphics have been appearing on dinnerware everywhere. They are gaining in popularity and add interest and diversity to the dinner table.

Green Dinnerware
The green movement has not passed the dining room by. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the mantra of the movement. Mixing and matching partial dinnerware sets to create a distinctive look that reduces waste. The use of recycled products is also gaining in popularity. The colors used also reflect this movement in the use of natural shades of green, olive as do the patterns of foliage.

Just because the trends are apparent, does not mean you have to follow them. Combined, they have created new looks for dining rooms. One can now adequately express creativity not only in the food prepared, but also in the dining atmosphere and presentation.

Before you purchase your dinnerware, check out the Dinnerware Guide for tips to make your table setting unique.

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