CouponAge Removal – How to Remove CouponAge Instantly

CouponAge is a malicious keylogger program. It is hard to detect the program as CouponAge runs as a low level system process. CouponAge is designed to store all the key strokes you type on the keyboard and then send them to a third party. In other words, if your computer is infected by CouponAge, your personal information is completely exposed to intruders.


Temporary Solution for CouponAge infection

If your computer is already infected with CouponAge, you should not use your keyboard for any password and personal information typing before you remove CouponAge completely. You can use On-Screen Keyboard temporarily.

Click on Start -> Go to All Programs -> Click on Accessories -> Select Accessibility ->Click on On-Screen Keyboard


However, it is not the perfect method to deal with CouponAge in the long term. You can choose either manual way or automatic way to remove CouponAge now.


Manual way to remove CouponAge

Open Task Manager to observe what processes are suspicious. As CouponAge is not only running one process in the background, you may spend some time on observing what processes occupy large CPU or Memory. End the related processes of CouponAge and then identify the location of CouponAge processes. Last step is to modify your registry which is damaged by CouponAge.


However, manual removal of CouponAge is not recommended for common computer users, as inexperienced computer users will always make serious even irreversible problem such as deleting an important system files when trying to delete CouponAge.


Best way to remove CouponAge for common computer users

Equipping your computer with a powerful security program can block the CouponAge from the very beginning. Keeping the signature database up to date is also necessary. It is recommended to enter safe mode to remove CouponAge and then restart computer.


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