Coping With Green Water Ponds

Using water treatments is one of the best options to cope with green water ponds which are formed by the existence of algae. It is thee problem which any gardener has to face and it is possible to control it in case of not completely eliminating. Through repeated applications of green water algae treatments, it can be controlled.


The main reason for the water in the pond to become green is none other than the algae that flourish in it. Algal bloom is the primary cause of green water not just in ponds but also in other water systems. Therefore, to be able to control the water from becoming so green, it is necessary to control the flourish of single-celled algae first.


It is known to most fish pond owners that when the fish are overfed, the wastes they produce multiply. Not to mention the uneaten food that rots and produces bacteria in the water. Hence, algae have more food to eat, bigger chance of swelling. It is essential to manage the amount of food that is given to the marine animals in your pond. Another option you have to purchase quality fish food since it can be fully digested. If so, fewer nutrients will be excreted by the fish discouraging the growth of algae.


You can also consider using Ultraviolet (UV) Clarifiers to combat the green water that has been bugging you. It works by exposing perched single-celled algae to excessive amount of ultra violet light, which then interferes to the reproductive ability of the organisms. The UV clarifier is enclosed in a dark and dense housing since the UV light is detrimental to the human eye.


The installation of UV clarifiers is not that simple. For a much safer and less frustrating process, follow the manufacturer’s installation manual. You can also ask help from the manufacturers themselves. They will supply the key data on how to install the UV clarifier appropriately. They will also provide you with the instructions on how to incorporate it with the existing pond filters and pumps.


Aside from the uncontrollable algae growth, blanket weed also contribute to the transformation of your pond water from crystal clear to green. Based from some pond keepers, there are many alternative ways in order to eliminate blanket weed from infesting your pond. Some of them use a garden hose and blast blanket weed off of rocks, fountains and pond linings. Others however are hands-on. They remove these creatures literally by hand. UV clarifiers are not in any way effective in removing blanket weed and string algae so it is recommended to just stick with the manual process.


Algae and other forms of living things that make pond water green are definitely nerve-wracking. But remember that there is no water system of any kind that is free algae. The first and the most important step you can take is to understand how algae flourish particularly in ponds. Then you can think of the right ways to treat your green pond if ever you missed the first step. Balance is very important in everything, even in nature.


Lara Davidson is a chemist from a company specializing in water treatment and pond suppliers. Visit to view complete inventory of green water treatment.

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